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Marlon Phoenix

Staff Appreciation Thread 2020

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The community poll we have, while it can be fun, does not acknowledge the members of staff who didn't make the list. Every member of our team plays a part in our community and we should take some time to appreciate them on the same terms as those that win in the polls. I decided to engage in direct action and took the time to message every single member of staff with a very short questionnaire. Most responded with a quote on their favorite contributions while others declined but were happy to see a personal message of thanks from me.

Many of our staff dedicate an extra amount of time by being in more than one staff position and will appear on the list more than once. I was wondering how to handle duplications and decided I will keep them! The first time someone shows up on the list will be their primary appreciation post (working down from the rankings on the staff roster) and any duplicate position will get a smaller remark on it. ❤️

Hello, i am messaging you because i am making a celebration thread for all members of staff. If you are interested in having a personalized message please reply answering these optional questions, or reply that you dont want to answer them so i know you had the chance:

1) What is your personal favorite contribution you've done to/for Aurora?

2) When thanked how should i refer to you? He/she/they?


Head Dev/Admin

  • Alberyk
    • Alberyk has dedicated his time as a member of staff for quite a long time. They’ve been an integral part of the tajara staff team as a deputy even while he was an admin and now a head admin. Managing one of our most popular whitelisted species as well as the entire server as a whole really shows that he has invested in our community. Thank you!
  • Garnascus
    • Garnascus worked from a trial moderator to becoming one of our head admins and he has left an unmistakable mark on our server. His unwavering commitment to his morals has made him a fantastic arbiter. Thank you!
  • Arrow768
    • His favorite contribution is “the (new) forum / (new) game server infrastructure. ‘New’ is relative since we have been using it for quite a while now."
    • Arrow has built a big part of the foundation and infrastructure of Aurora as it is today. He’s the one that built for us our WI, which is very accessible and easy to use for all members of staff to do our jobs in an intuitive way, most of our supporting services, server management, and notification tools, the github bot on our discord, and a lot of general networking work. He’s created the toolsets that pretty much all staff members use every day. Thank you!
  • Skull132
    • Skull132 is the reason we are all playing this server. He has overseen our growth from a small offshoot to one of the most consistently top-ranked HRP servers on the hub. He has been our head developer for quite a long time, and consistently reviews code and ensures our server is as stable as it can be for our enjoyment. His drive and passion for our community has provided us with constant development and well-coordinated staff. Thank you!

Primary Admins

  • Flamingo
    • They said: “I am proud of my contributions to the staff team as a whole, as I lead the team in charge of trialing and passing/failing all potential moderators."
    • Flamingo helps manage our moderation team and is one of the leaders of our community. They are a mentor and teacher for much of our roster, and do a lot of unseen legwork in getting feedback and information on applicants. Their work tends to be behind the scenes, but it’s no less invaluable. Thank you!
  • Juani2400
    • Juani replied: “I'm just a dumb admin who bans people. Haven't done that much in particular.”
    • Juani is part of the whitelist team and helps to cultivate our command staff roster. This is on top of all of the responsibilities of being a primary admin that he shares with Flamingo. He takes time out of his day to help bring us an enjoyable experience on our server and his passion for our community is fantastic. Thank you!!

Secondary Admins

  • Cnaym
    • Cnaym's favorite is: "I send people hearts when they need them :) I also ban shitters and generally let the mod staff know that I will handle complaints if they pop up, keeping on I [have an] open door policy pretty much. But the heart part is the favorite, the people know who they are."
    • Cnaym’s wholesome energy is a bright spot in staff. They help manage the moderation of our community and are a mentor for other staff. They are thoughtful, kind, and always eager to brighten someone’s day. This is a very important element of how they contribute to making our server an inclusive and welcoming community. Thank you!
  • Goret
    • Goret’s reply was “I don't really know, but the thing that come to my mind is the relay, I guess. Made it a better and enjoyable place when Incog wasn't available, even if I wasn't alone I think it's really better than it used to be."
    • Goret is another element of our secondary admin team that brings positivity and inclusivity to our staff. Our community is a little more positive with the work he personally invested for us. Not only in our server itself but in our affiliated discords where he is present. Thank you!!
  • Pratepresidenten
    • Prate’s favorite contribution is “My positive energy!”
    • Prate is yet another member in the pantheon of wholesome administrators. When I personally interact with Prate they are always thoughtful and considerate. Prate is an invaluable member of our administration team and the work they’ve put in has helped foster our staff culture as it is today. Thank you!
  • Yonnimer
    • The “YonnyDawg” is a secondary admin as well as part of our diona lore developer team. They are a diligent and eager member of staff and I have personally worked with them and seen them manage the growth and evolution of diona to what they are now. Putting in double time as a secondary administrator and a lore developer requires a lot of time investment and I deeply appreciate all that you do. Thank you!!
  • ReadThisNamePlz
    • Read’s remark on her favorite contribution is “I do think I have done a decent amount in the two years I've been staff. Handling thousands of tickets, holding several events.. and I'd like to think I help make people smile.”
    • The workload of administration is pretty heavy and Read’s tackling of it all is really appreciated. The work admins do is often unseen by the majority of players but she, like our other admins, makes sure that we have as an enjoyable a time as she can make it. Thank you!


  • Aboshedab
    • His remark for his favorite contribution is: “I'd say fostering an inclusive community to the best of my ability is something I'm proud of, regardless of any cultural, religious and/or social barriers. Whether I was successful is up to debate, but I've done my best not to tolerate any negative influences on the community."
    • Abosh was once a Head Admin and though he retired he has returned and now helps moderate our community to the best of his ability. His constant efforts to be an impartial mediator and thoughtful staff member are deeply appreciated. They are a good example of personal integrity. Thank you!
  • BoryaTheSlayer
    • Borya’s humble response was: “Not sure. I don't think I have a favorite as of yet.”
    • Borya is not only a moderator but a member of the lore team. They work double to bring our community a fun and engaging experience. They take time out of their day for our benefit and I really appreciate all the efforts he goes through for us. Thank you!!
  • CakeIsOssim
    • Cake’s reply on his favorite contribution was: “Hard pick, I’ve not done too many exceptional things in contribution to Aurora despite the time I’ve spent on it. Honestly, just being able to log in to the server and spend my time on it, having fun with others, is my favorite contribution. That, and maybe convincing kyres to be my synth lore deputy.”
    • Cake was one of our synthetic lore developers in a very pivotal time for the species, and now he is one of our moderators. He like the rest of moderators make sure that our time on the station is as free of issues as it can be, or he makes sure that any issues that he can tackle are quickly resolved. He is responsible for our community being as welcoming as it currently is. Thank you!!
  • DRagO
    • Drago, or LadyFowl, was not able to respond in time for this endeavor. But I still have a lot we can say about her. LadyFowl has a manic energy that she brings to her development work on top of being a moderator. Her energetic work here as a developer and moderator are tuned in with a sense of optimism that she carries everywhere she goes. She is always genuine and throws everything she has into what she does. I super appreciate her sincerity and dedication. Thank you!!
  • Karolis2011
    • Karlos remarked that: “You know what I really liked to do: make and organise an event. Even though it wasn't best, but still. I appreciate for the opportunity to make something interesting.”
    • Most of us have seen the fruits of his labor; he’s worked on the development for most of the UI’s we use today; faxes, consoles, and more! He’s even helped someone I know make their first PR, showing his willingness to mentor. Now they help moderate our community and work on cultivating our server into a welcoming environment while taking the time to manage an event, which is no easy task even when it’s small. Thank you!
  • MattAtlas
    • MattAtlas’ most recent contribution has been BrainMed which has overhauled our entire medical system. They put a lot of passion into their projects. Such huge changes to our server is an undertaking that can be really difficult in both the mechanics of getting it and the response of our community if things do not go well, but his commendable commitment and hard work has given us a fantastic addition that has already become a core component of Aurora. Thank you!
  • Nursiekitty
    • Nursie’s reply was that: “the one thing that keeps me in modmin staff is embarrassingly sappy and sentimental and nobody can find out that i FEEL things but i get warm fuzzy feelings when i get to help people out. i like finding solutions that make everyone happy and i like doing silly shit to cheer people up like playing STUPID .ogg vorbis files, or playing a cat or some kind of creature that secretly has universal speech but i don't talk but for A MOMENT and it's only to like ONE OR TWO PEOPLE, even if it's a joke shared between staff and like one other person, it's nice to know i brought joy. i went on a tangent kind of but i guess the take away is that even if i don't necessarily do this for myself, i also.. do. sort of.”
    • She has been a staple of staff for quite some time and her remark says more about her sincerity and eagerness than I think I can. Her commitment to our community has made it a better place through her own work and I deeply value her efforts. Thank you!!!
  • ParadoxSpace
    • Paradoxspace has put in a lot of work as a moderator and as a member of the skrell lore team on top of being a developer. Triple duty can overwhelm most people but they have kept it up and show no signs of slowing down. They are passionate about what they do. Skrell have surged in popularity in no small part to their efforts. Thank you!
  • Shadow
    • Shadow’s favorite contribution was: “Everything I have done during my headmin time, together Garn and I have watched and guided aurora grow from a server with little population and occasional drama to a server with a decent amount of players with little to no drama at all and it makes me incredibly proud”
    • Shadow is one of our founding fathers. Our server and community developed where it is now with the work he put in. We are not just how we are today from the current staff efforts, but the combined work of our staff members even in our early days. Like Abosh Shadow still puts in the time to help moderate our community and make sure that we remain in the environment that he helped foster. Thank you!
  • ShesTrying
    • She said that: “I really don't think I've made a big, grand contribution to Aurora. I'm just happy that I'm able to help keep the community the same community that I fell in love with a year and change ago."
    • A contribution does not need to be big and grand to make its mark; ShesTrying’s work as a moderator is a small but very important part of how Aurora develops. Moderators are a vital part of our staff team and community. She takes time out of her day to make sure that our rounds are enjoyable and issues are quickly and dutifully resolved. ShesTrying is trying her best, and we are a better community for it. Thank you so much!
  • Simon_the_miner
    • Simon’s favorite contribution is: “memes about exploding people”
    • Simon is another member of moderation who is always genuine. They are in college full time and still pitch in for moderation. They clearly care for the direction of our community and want to make sure that we have a wholesome environment for all players to enjoy. Thanks bud!!
  • Sonicgotnuked
    • Sonic said his “Favorite contribution involves helping to regulate the server”
    • Sonic has been an active member of moderation for quite some time. Like other moderators he contributes to our community through his position. Handling tickets and the backlog of moderation is almost never seen by the average player but he takes it all on and we are the better for it. Thank you!
  • Tbear13
    • Tbear’s favorite contribution is “helping new players learn how to spessman”
    • This kind of positive attitude is an important element of Aurora’s staff. We all do our best to make sure that we have a good enviroment within both staff and the playerbase. Our community is made better by the wholesome energy tbear brings to the table. His infectious positive attitude is part of the pillar that holds up our community. Thank you!
  • TrickingTrapster
    • Trapster’s favorite is: “Being there during deadhour.”
    • Our deadhour moderation staff really does have a different experience with Aurora; the station is nearly empty. It’s lawless, barren, and cast adrift without Trapster’s efforts. Deadhour is often at risk of being overlooked by the rest of staff and can miss out on experiences Aurora provices, but Trapster helps ensure that they can still have a consistent and eager response from moderation. Thank you!
  • Xelnagahunter
    • His time as a moderator has had him brightened Aurora in his own way. He is another member of moderation who tackles the unseen backlog of work that comes with logging on as a member of moderation. I appreciate the work you’ve put in and the time you’ve invested in our community. Thank you!


  •   Wowzewow
    • He said: “I'm pretty split between my new PDA/headset sprites and my Janitor sprites”
    • Wowzewow has given us a new soundscape with our recent PDA and radio sounds. Sound effects seem like a small thing and many of us take them for granted, but they are super important for immersion and the general experience playing. Aurora without sound would be a vastly different experience and so every addition to our catalogue is a big deal in its own way, and any sort of contribution to our server is laudable. Thank you buddy!
  • Wildkins
    • They are a new developer but they’ve already left their mark on the server and on our community. They are working on an entirely new game mode from scratch on top of handling several bug fixes. Bug fixing is not often something we spend a lot of time focusing on as players, because once a bg is fixed we tend to forget about them entirely. But we can’t forget that developers who fix bugs are taking time out of their day to ensure we have the most enjoyable experience possible.
  • Geeves
    • Geeves has a crazy amount of PR’s and bug fixes up. They are a very active developer and have helped me with a few projects on my end. On top of that they are a unathi lore deputy and are helping to shape the species. Their work is invaluable and I deeply appreciate it all. Thank you buddy!
  • Myazaki
    • His favorite contribution so far is:“The medUI”
    • He is a very recent addition to staff but he has already made his mark, at least for me. He has an unbreakable upbeat attitude. He is eager to work with lore developers and he has personally coded my own wild suggestions. His optimism and skill with our codebase are undoutably going to have him continue to leave a positive and wholesome mark on our staff team and community as a whole. Thank you!
  • Furrycactus
    • Also known as Joshie, they have put in a lot of work as a developer, mapper, and staffmember. They've personally helped me with several projects and I've always remarked on their positivity and sincerity. They are a very genuine person. Thank you!
  • MoondancerPony
    • She said her favorite contribution is: "Makeshift chemistry and the spaceacillin rework, along with the fever rework that came with Brainmed."
    • Moondancer's work for chemistry and spacecillin have been really neat changes, and her contributions to brainmed have been wonderful as well. They are fantastic developers and I really like that they put forth time for our community and do her part to make it better. Thank you!!
  • Poze
    • Poze said: "That's tough as I did lots of cool things in my opinion haha. But the most proud changes I think are improvements to hostile mob's AI and turrets. I made almost all NPCs be smarter at picking their targets, checking if they can hit targets without friendly fire or shooting at objects and made turrets more responsive and faster at shooting/tracking targets."
    • Poze has a CRAZY amount of codework for our server. I personally remember how they mapped in the supervised living center  that we now have in the medical sublevel - another one of my wild ideas that was made reality only with the consistent and invaluable work of a developer! Thank you so much.
  •  Skull132
    • Duplicated!  ❤️
  •  DRagO
    • Duplicated! ❤️
  • Arrow768
    • Duplicated! ❤️
  • Alberyk
    • Duplicated! ❤️  

Lore Writers

  •  Mofo1995
    • He said his favorite contribution is "Matake religion expansion"
    • Mofo1995 started as a Tajara lore developer and has now become the Loremaster for our entire lore team. He's always been very passionate about the Tajara lore and he's thrown a lot of work into them and developed them to how they are now.  He then became the deputy loremaster when I was the loremaster. It's wild that I can't properly describe how much I appreciate his considerate, thoughtful, and respectful demeanor. He was always a fantastic partner when I was the loremaster and now he is a great boss for me as the unathi maintainer. Thank you!!!
  • Kyres1
    • Kyres' contributions are extensive and invaluable. They are the deputy loremaster and in the past were in the synthetic lore team. They have a relatable manic energy that they throw into their projects. They are the reason that we have the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion on station for example; they've done almost all the sprite work and a huge chunk of the muscle that got them onto the station in the first place. On top of this they've ran extensive synthetic lore events that expanded the scope of the species as we have it now. I deeply appreciate what they've done and know that they will continue to bring their dedication to our community. Thank you!
  • Marlon Phoenix
    • My favorite contribution is what I've done for the unathi species and the extensive rehaul of vaurca and skrell ages ago that solidified them in more or less their current form and kept them going until our fantastic maintainers have brought them to popularity through their own, equally dutiful efforts.
    • This thread isn't really about me, so I'll leave it at that! I enjoy most experimental stuff for players to enjoy like the antag contests.
  • Pegasus
    • His favorite contributions are "the sol and coalition reworks"
    • Pegasus is in charge of our most broad and expansive species: humanity. He has a huge amount of responsibilities lorewise as humanity has a part in about every single thing that hapens within the lore. They've met this huge workload with thoughtfulness and care. His work always come with a passion and investment on his end. I really appreciate his earnestness! Thank you!
  • JamOfBoy
    • Jam is a member of the vaurca lore team and I always enjoy interacting with them. They are considerate and always happy to answer questions and otherwise be involved with our team. Vaurca have grown to become a mainstay species and our interactions with them on the server are in par tdue to Jam's efforts. Thank you!
  • Resilynn
    • Resilynn's work on the skrell has been nothing short of fantastic. The warbling arc is one of our most well received events. She throws herself into the species and there is always a passion behind what she does. The Skrell have been in good hands with her behind the helm. I will always be happy to sing her praises. Thank you!
  • Shenaanigans
    • Shenaan is a very, very new hire to the unathi team and already I am very happy with it! She's already putting in work to develop Dominia and I know that her efforts are going to play a part in our the unathi species, and even in a small way the server, develops. She is positive, upbeat, and always a delight to talk to. She was very patient with me because I brought her on the team moments before I had to vanish due to an emergency and I'm embarrassed that I left her hanging for a bit there. But that awkward introduction has still transformed into a wonderful team dynamic. Thank you so much already!
  • Niennab
    • Niennab said: "I suppose so far my favorite contribution is the work on the Trinay Perfection"
    • The synthetic team struck gold when they brought on Niennab. Their contribution, even just looking at the Trinary Perfection, is a wonderful addition. They, like others I mentioned, are particularly upbeat and positive and bring a fantastic energy to the team. Their contributions impact a lot of players because synthetics are one of our most popular species to play, and they still go at it with an energetic and positive flair. Thank you so much!
  • Roostercat
    • He said "My favorite contribution is revoking C'thur avowals. This was a HUGE change to the Vaurca species that should have been done a long time ago and should make playing the Vaurca much more leveled out as we won't have people scrambling to C'thur so they can skip avowals, which are a integral part of the bug experience."
    • Roostercat is another part of the Vaurca lore team that is a wonderful and fantastic person. The C'thur avowels specifically is a big change but they tackled with with earnestness and thoughtfulness. I always appreciate what they do and when I pop in to see them in the vaurca lore chat they are always a positive force in it. Thank you so much!
  • Schwann
    • He said "Silversun is a close second to the impending Dominia rework, which should be up eventually."
    • Schwann is another part of the human lore team that has a lot on his plate, and he goes at it with a methodical thoroughness. Their writing for humanity is interesting and I enjoy reading it whenever it goes live. They're a great addition to our staff team. Thank you!
  • Coalf
    • He said "Probably Raskariim, there is a lot more including some admin stuff but raskariim are hands down my favorite addittion."
    • Coalf has always been very invested in the Tajara as a member of its team. He's put forth his skills an an artist and a lore writer to add a new depth to the species that has been highly acclaimed. I appreciate the effort he puts in to build one of our foundational species and bring his perspectives into their development. His art is great for the species and others. I really appreciate the work he puts in for his general creative efforts. Thank you!
  • The Stryker
    • Another synthetic lore deputy who has put the effort to build up this popular and common species. They are always working with their tem to bring his perspective on developments. His work, even in small ways, is invaluable in building the species. Thank you so much!
  • Suethecake
    • She said: "personal favorite contribution would be the foundation of Tajaran lore?"
    • Sue is the foundational writer for the Tajara species. All that came after her is something that was built off of what she set up. She's only recently come back but she is an active and eager developer for the species. She is a wonderful member of staff and a valued team member, and the Tajara lore team is made better by her presence. Thank you!
  • Tailson
    • A synthetic lore deputy who is too precious and humble for his own good. The synthetic lore side is almost as huge and expansive as humanity's and anyone that sits down and takes the time to give it love and work is a wonderful addition to staff. I really appreciate that Tailson is taking the time to give back to our community with his work in the synthetic lore team. Thank you!
  • Sleepywolf
    • Sleepywolf said: "the story arcs that come and go to change up the flavoring and disallow stagnation"
    • sleepy is another member of staff who brings her artistic skills to our team as well as her creative writing skills. Sleepywolf brings an incredible optimistic energy to the team. She's also overflowing with creative energy and constantly is a source of new ideas. She's helped me in several projects and she is always an eager soundboard. She's a very passionate person and her romantic, creative mindset really synergizes with my own. I am amazed by the level of passion she brings to the table at every stage of her development work here. Thank you so much, you queen!
  • Shenanigans
    • She is a very recent addition to the unathi lore team. She's already putting work in to contribute and her efforts are going to be a part of how our unathi  community develops, and in term impact our server in her own small way. She's already putting in the time and effort for our Unathi outside the Hegemony and she brings an eager and thoughtful energy to it. I'm still a bit embarrassed that I left her hanging for a bit after saying I was hiring her then immediately driving into a flooded ditch, but I think other than an awkward introduction we've built up a good dynamic with one another! Thank you!
  • Geeves
    • Duplicated ❤️
  •  Alberyk
    • Duplicated! ❤️
  • Yonnimer
    • Duplicated! ❤️ 


  •  The_lancer
    • He said “the biggest thing I think is trying to fix ccia”
    • Lancer's in another one of those positions where his work goes unseen by most people. CCIA is an important part of our server nowadays and running it requires patience, thoughtfullness, and a dedication that he holds in excess. Lancer is a fantastic arbiter and I have heard nothing but positive stories from those I hear talk about him. Thank you so much!
  • Bear
    • He said “I just handle faxes and take care of IRs uwu others have contributed much more. Instead, give my love to the lore, code, and mod/min team for all they do.”
    • Every single member of staff contribute to our server and should be celebrated for it. We can appreciate bear just like we can appreciate all our other staff. Bear is a valuable member of the CCIA. Thank you!
  • Brayce
    • He replied "I haven't contributed anything to Aurora other than to a hopeful enjoyable experience for people."
    • This attitude really shows why Brayce is a valuable member of staff. This kind of outlook on being a staff member is the best that we can have. Brayce is a super great person and I admire their upbeat attitude. Having this kind of demenour is valuable especially in a staff role that interacts with our players like CCIA. Thank you!
  • Contextual
    • Contextual puts in the time and dedication in handling the IC-moderation of player behavior. As a member of CCIA he is helping manage the big backlog of IR's and make sure that there is a fair and thoughtful investigation and ruling. IC investigations like this are unique to Aurora and it's really fun to see the players in the department run with it how they're doing. I really appreciate Contextual's work in this regard. Thank you!
  • JMJ_99
    • He said “I would say that just being a part of CCIA is, providing an IC avenue for dealing with issues and station policy is what sets us apart from other servers and is something unique for the most part to Aurora.”
    • JMJ does his part in participating in the unique Aurora way of handling IC issues. He is a valuable member of staff through the investment he makes in handling IR's and other CCIA business. It's not something that we see by nature of how it works, but we can all appreciate that even work we can't see is valuable and is part of cultivating our community. We are a better community for your efforts, even in a small way. Thank you!
  • Schmuck Lord
    • He said: If I am being honesty I don't think I've been around long enough to have done something substantial enough for the community to be thanked for. I'm just here to send faxes and handle IR's though I appreciate this celebration thread you're doing. I'm a he but I don't think I really should be celebrated until I do something really special"
    • I don't know if I can express my appreciation for Schmucklord without repeating myself; the word that he does that is just a normal, casual thing for him is still an important part of our community. The labor he puts in on his own free time shows that he has a dedication to our community and he wants to do his part in making it better. Thank you so much.
  • Resilynn
    • Duplicated! ❤️ 

Wiki Maintainers

  • Chada1
    • Chada said "for me there's really not a whole lot, I joined the team to help out and p. much ended up being handed the reigns of the wiki just because there really wasn't anyone else and the previous wiki manager needed to resign to focus on college. The best thing I've done for the wiki is likely the wiki frontpage which has made accessing everything Aurora a lot easier for new players"
    • Chada's got humility but he's also got crazy accomplishments. Chada has overseen the team for awhile and he's  got a crazy amount of workload to go along with it. I remember seeing the big updates he'd leave about what he's done for the wiki and all the different big overhauls he'd do to pages or groups of pages. He's a very valuable member of our team. Our wiki had years of continuous developments and he did his part to clean up the whole mess. Our wiki is in a wonderful state now, thanks to Chada. Thank you!!
  • Coalf
    • Duplicated! ❤️

The Unlisted

A small handful of people declined to be on the list entirely. I want those people to know that even though you asked to not be in the limelight here that what you do is invaluable. These people were DM'd a similar messages that we see in public here because I want to make sure everyone in staff as an individual knows that they are appreciated.

The Skipped?

We have a LOT of staff and I did this all by myself with consultation help from some people to make sure I get everyone right. I'm going to go over the whole list again and make sure I didn't miss anyone that didn't specifically ask to be left off. If I did I'll add them immediately and BUMP this thread.

Also at some point I had a nasty argument with Ctrl-Z, so if you see any bizarre mistakes please let me know.



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The great ctrl-z disaster of 4:52pm really hit the second half of the list hard, im frantically editing in the people it yeeted away. please let me know if I missed anyone else! X_X

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8 hours ago, SleepyWolf said:


oh fuck that doesn't work. Uhm. Thanks, Marlon. :)

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Note that praise like this shouldn't be taken to undermine the points others have against this community. No one says it should, and it is your own doing to read into it as such. In fact, a common leadership maxim even suggests that this be the way to handle praise -- "Praise public, punish private." The entire concept being that you should do your best to highlight, publicly, the positive actions people have undertaken within your command. With modern psychology heavily reinforcing the idea that positive and constructive feedback is more sustainable than negative feedback.

Some have pointed out, that because we've made mistakes, we should not be able to hold our heads high and proud over our achievements. Note that I'll clarify the definition of "Our" in a later paragraph. If people want to apply this as a personal standard, then that's fine, but that'll be their personal standard. Ultimately, the pragmatics of the situation are that we've existed as a community for 6+ years. Mistakes get made, people get discouraged, people don't agree with our views or ways of doing things, and eventually those people leave. This is. Natural, when dealing with as large a group of humans as we have been, summarily. There is no way to avoid this. Many have tried: I've watched young server managers start their own thing, sometimes out of spite, sometimes with very good intentions, running into this roadblock. Even I had a different view on community management than I do now, back when I started.

But does all of this mean that we should bow our heads in shame, to not be proud of our achievements as a community, as a staff team, as a server? No, it does not. Because for 6+ years, we have offered an experience that a large enough group of players enjoy for the server and community to not only exist, but to grow. You cannot grow on a rotten core, BestRP and other servers from before 2014 have proven as much. And so, I do not see any harm in pointing out the positive. The alternative is to hold a cudgule over everyone's head, but this would do nothing but promote sycophancy, as the price of admitting to being wrong would be too great to tolerate, and as such, you are simply never wrong.

And finally, on a less serious note. When Jackboot initially asked me to compile a list of people who've contributed to the server/community, I originally linked him this. I now realize that I should have instead linked him a list of every single ckey that has visited our server. The point being that everyone who's participated in this community has contributed to it in some form or another. Whether it be simply by playing, or by joining staff and contributing more time and effort to helping this community develop. And all of this is worthy of a thank you.

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19 minutes ago, FreshRefreshments said:

I would be impressed if Marlon compiled a list of every ckey who has ever joined.

I mean, I can get that list at the drop of a hat from the server. Just good luck attaching such text to it.

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Wezzy taught me a buncha shit regarding PRs and coding :)

Great dota player too. Pudka mid 2020 : ) )) ) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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