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Staff Complaint - SonicGotNuked

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BYOND Key: AmoryBlaine

Staff BYOND Key: SonicGotNuked

Game ID: b6a-dINk

Reason for complaint:

SonicGotNuked purposely misinterpreted my actions during the round to justify banning me permanently. After losing my memory, I awoke awhile later and misspoke in remembering what happened prior to my memory loss. I corrected this ICly, and moved on. Rather than believe this, SonicGotNuked accused me of lying and had multiple members of staff back him up. I do not understand how I can be lying about this, when I literally said immediately afterwards that it was a mistake, and then carried on. The implication that just because I cannot recollect the events which occurred means I'm willing to believe I shot a fuel tank and tried to kill everyone present- myself included- is ludicrous and to ban me for not accepting that story at face value, is telling of his very clear personal vendetta against me.

He purposely engaged me knowing I was not comfortable talking to him and used my requests that I talk to someone else to justify ruling that I was being a dick towards him. He lied about my discomfort when speaking to him in order to justify the ban, he and other staff members used their positions in order to ban me.


Additional remarks:

I know many of you staff or otherwise- the majority, even- do not like me. You have made that clear in the blackmail attempts, the prodding and harassment, the overall attitude towards me in the last two years. I do not trust that this will not actually get me anything but responses attempting to further humiliate and justify banning me.

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I will look this over after sonic posts why he banned you. 

4 minutes ago, AmoryBlaine said:

I do not trust that this will not actually get me anything but responses attempting to further humiliate and justify banning me.

Im not going to be rude to you. I will just look at the evidence presented. 

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I will explain the two reasons why I have banned AmoryBlaine permanently from the server. 


To start off with, I will be splitting apart this block of notes to basic numbers. I really am not going to post every single one. It is easy checked by staff via discord. I counted the ones required for a general perspective.


Server History, Tickets, and Issues with staff

I will open this up with every note, warning, and his eventual removal from the server. Amory was given plenty of chances to follow rule 1. This is a clear attitude issue as a whole. He has 9 notes and 2 previous bans (3 day and week ban) from his entire history on Aurora.


His ticket during the round when I confronted him.


I really do not understand how I am harassing you. Players do not get to choose who handles the issues involved. I was investigating an instance of valid hunting, to which Amory was extremely uncooperative and hostile. The previous round before that (b6a-dd2J) also had an example of this when I took his ahelp to handle the greytide. I go off of notes, warnings, and previous behavior and investigate tickets. 



Validhunting, Lying, and History on the server

Amory has an extensive history of poor behavior when it comes to interacting with antags and the other crew; including 20 notes, 4 warnings, his head whitelist stripped, and two security job bans. 


I was provided some clear screenshot logs of the interaction in medical regarding the loss of memory. Note, there is a threshold when in crit, two statements in chat with a bigger blue font, and a pop up. Of course, during this time in crit, you're not doing much else except dying. To which I find it impossible to believe that it was missed on this alone. The only possible way I could think to miss the prompt is if someone was in crit and aghosted. Which in this case, is impossible.


After he exploded and woke up in medical: He immediately states "Good I still have my gun" and basically told everything that the wizard cause this. I was also informed that he provided information to security comms that he should of forgot. I sadly do not have a screenshot of that instance but it may be inside the server logs.




Then finally ICly told everyone they're not supposed to remember this. I find this also extremely sketchy as a "mistake" with such consequences such as telling everyone the wizard caused this. (Which they did not. Amory accidentally shot a welding fuel tank with a rubber bullet, which may indeed be an IC issue)



Plus his LOOC statement soon when he ICly corrected himself.




Amory through his interactions with the staff and notes has lost all benefit of the doubt to support his case and it only worked to give me the necessary information that he was also valid hunting again before trying to call it off as 'he forgot'


I simply escalated the punishments, noticing the ludicrous amount of chances that this individual was given. I'd like to note that during my ahelp with him, instead of answering my questions, he was fishing in discord PMs towards other admins to step in. He was told multiple times through all my interactions with him to make a staff complaint.




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On 14/03/2020 at 22:24, AmoryBlaine said:

He purposely engaged me knowing I was not comfortable talking to him and used my requests that I talk to someone else to justify ruling that I was being a dick towards him.

Hes a moderator. Players do not get to choose who takes their ahelps. End of discussion.

I mean i gotta say this does not really look good. You where immediately pretty combative with sonic and it looks like you tried to ignore the brain damage out of frustration. 

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Not entirely sure if I am correct to respond to this, but I was present at the time.

It was clear, based on evidence, that something had provoked Carmichael to shoot at the Wizard. It is also really really easy to just click away the popup when it appears and not register it. Amory realised he had taken the brain damage, immediately corrected himself in a humorous way, and everyone present went about their day without mentioning the slipup again ICly.

I have nothing against Sonic, but I was extremely confused when I head this had warranted a permenant ban.

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Sorry about this. The coronavirus shut a lot of things in my life down and stress made me forget about this. Afraid i am going to have to deny this on the following grounds.

1. You cannot pick the staff member who bwoinks you

2. You have to answer our questions and you cannot be rude.

3. The "oh i am not supposed to remember this" is hard to believe as "just an IC joke" when the rest of your notes are taken into account. 


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