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Being Unable to Choke Vaurcae unless.....

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For reasons similar to that said in this thread (inflexible carapaces), Vaurcae should only be able to be choked by IPCs (I'd say just baselines and industrials, but that might be too much work), Unathi, or other Vaurcae. Their 'neck' isn't anymore vulnerable than other parts of their body as they have an exoskeleton.


Force gloves could maybe allow anyone to choke them, though in general- there's not any situation where choking would be the best option instead of any normal method of murder.


EDIT: Nooses should also not choke them- given that it would not tighten or strangle their necks.

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Should choking them actually do anything when their breathing tank is internal? If you're at the point you'd cut blood to the brain through the exoskeleton, then you're physically strong enough to decapitate them barehanded.

Just make them unchokeable entirely, since the rare occasion of one being without said breathing tank would require cloning one, genetically uplifting a v'krexi or something similarly implausible.

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