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The Outer Worlds & Aurora Station

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Kane DeWitt's character was based on the emotional expression of a Human being and has almost certainly been the inspiration for the old guy from "The Outer Worlds" - after Kane returns with his own dropship and personally hired crew, he returns to the foreign badlands to find himself and his past as a Human being, while providing aid to others, but personally seeking to find his own past as a person, to begin to unrepressed a dark and sinister backstory in which a person had their own life stolen from them in circumstances beyond their control. Kane is in essence a person who doesn't speak about a depth of his own personality and is desperately trying to stop the insanity of the world around him, while holding himself to a higher standard; avoiding the pitfalls of his own misery, to intercept the suffering of the world around him, unable to stop it, resentfully neglecting his own Id at times in pursuit of a greater good of the whole, his superego superseding his own needs and desire for the truth. EchoTango23 had a bit of an inkling with the backstory, but also possibly as part of the development team; I actually have suspicion that Kane was used as the inspiration for the storyline, (and though I haven't played The Outer Worlds, myself) am aware of several commonalities, though I never gave any form of consent. Some of the themes of Kane and his story, his expression are deeply personal, and I believe this usage was the result of fraud and negligence, but also stolen signatures by members of a community I am ostracized by, profiteering of the woes of another's. I have zero tangible proof, and have been disallowed by certain persons in close real-world proximity to myself to get help. I never gave consent for the use of Kane DeWitt or his character or themes to anyone, nor does anyone except myself have consent to portray him, and I have been unofficially made aware of this case of plagiarism, alas without proof, again. -See you, Space Cowboy.

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At first I was skeptical but after evaluating your post and what we know about The Old Guy from The Outer Worlds, I can't help but think you're right. The Aurorastation-Obsidian conspiracy needs to be uncovered and made aware to the public at large, to prevent Obsidian from stealing any characters from Aurorastation ever again. I suspect the headmins may be funneling character information directly to Obsidian, and they must be on their payroll. Stay woke.

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Damn, I can't believe obsidian had the gaul to steal from a small space station 13 community and think they could get away with it just because they're a large video game publisher, as I type this I will be contacting multiple global law firms in order to retain our intellectual property from the obsidian entertainment corporation, they will learn what happens when you mess with a real aurora gamer and their character... 

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1 minute ago, DanseMacabre said:


Negative, friend, he meant Gaul.

For let's take a brief and more integrated look into the character of Kane DeWitt. For he himself is merely a copy of another great historical character, The Gallic King Vercingetorix. It is almost assured that the personality of human nature that Mr. DeWitt exhibits is the exact same personalities that we saw exhibited by the Vercingetorix during his rebellion against Caesar in Gaul (as expressly written by Tacitus and Cassius Dio). 

Therefore, I submit to you, that The Outer Worlds may have indisputably used your character, however, as it is associated with a historical pastiche, that means that you have no rights to copyright infringement, as it is in the public domain.

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Let's not get carried away here. You're missing the important stuff... subnautica? the ship is called the Aurora.... Half life? The borealis.. Starsector? That has a ship called the Aurora too.. 

Obviously we need to write the angry emails.

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