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[ACCEPTED] Cinny wantsss to be a lizznerd

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BYOND Key: CinnySuccubus

Character Names: Adannaya Kayeda, Xiang Zhou, and a bunch of others

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Black

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I like lizards. They’re neat. Also, their wildy differing ideologies, from other Unathi (and everyone else), make for interesting roleplay, in my opinion. From seeing other Unathi around, and seeing how they tick, I feel like I’d enjoy that myself, and I’ll probably be making an Aut’akh at some point, as well, as they seem particularly neat with the Oss and their augments.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi have a patriarchal feudal society, which is wildly different to human society. They may show disdain towards female superiors as women have less rights in their society. Unathi can also be more aggressive, with physical contests and assassinations common in the Hegemony and the Compact.


Character Name: Aza’hr Kirsius

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Aza’hr was born in the Izweski Hegemony, but fled to the Grim Protectorate of Ha’zana, specifically the town of Moz’k, in 2441, due to the events of the Contact War. Despite being refugees, her parents are innkeepers, with a decently-sized family-run tavern called the Blackened Blade, which they do not work in as much anymore, with most of the work done by Aza'hr and her brother. She is not particularly close to her family, and is not the biggest fan of how they want her to act, and who they want her to be.

When she was 19, a Steel-Spirit corvette, the Know no Fear, landed in town for shore leave. Some of the crew chose to spend this fighting in the Blade, which Aza’hr took part in. Aza’hr did particularly well in this ad-hoc tournament, so much so that the Dread-Pirate of the corvette offered her a place on the crew, having shown her martial prowess. She decided to sign on with them, despite her family’s protests.

She spent a good few years aboard the Know no Fear, gaining some experience in simple repairs and starfaring, as well as a decent amount of combat experience, both due to boarding and being boarded. Once her time aboard was up, she chose to move to the Malefaction, and open up a bar onboard, the Bloodied Blade, almost to spite her family.

While she was largely successful for a couple of years, the time she spent on the Know no Fear had ignited a wanderlust within her, and she had a need to explore the stars further. She sold her bar, paid for passage into Coalition space, and from there, to Tau Ceti, as the many stories she had heard from hostages had intrigued her. She eventually found herself in the employ of NanoTrasen, as a bartender.

What do you like about this character? Pirates are cool, especially when they’re in space, and they're lizards. I like the idea of a pirate bartender, since you don’t see that many Grim Compact Unathi who have civilian jobs, despite the fact that they must exist. I also like that despite her being a female, she successfully carved out a nook for herself in Grim Compact society.


How would you rate your role-playing ability? About an 8 out of 10. I’d say I’ve had a good amount of experience with SS13 and other roleplaying games.

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I think this might be the first Compact Unathi application I've seen so far, which is awesome because it's definitely an interesting piece of lore. I enjoy the wordliness of the character as she would listen to the stories hostages would recant. It's interesting, also, that women and hostages aboard Compact vessels are effectively on the same "level", but her martial prowess has put her a notch above the rest.

Just a two questions if you would humor me:

The Grim Compact is, essentially, a vassal of the Hegemony by Not'zar's own designation, what is Kirsius' opinion of the Hegemony?

What religion does she and her family adhere to? The Grim Compact, for the most part, is partial to the Sk'akh faith, given the crimes of the two Dread-Lords were forgiven by Unzi, but now Unzi got the big boot so has that affected her beliefs, or lack thereof?


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This application has a good skeleton, but it is missing some meat. Lupo has asked some questions that are relevant to the character, so answering them would be good. There are also a few lore discrepancies here, as well as some things not expanded upon. Firstly,

How did Kirsius actually win this tournament? She (presumably) worked in the inn-keep with her family. How would she have gotten the experience of fighting to actually win this tournament? The crew of the Steel-Spirits are all trained in CQC and pretty ruthless. How would an Unathi Female, who hasn't seen a glimpse of actual combat, beat up all these hardened sailors?

Also, you state that "she is not particularly close to her family, and is not the biggest fan of how they want her to act, and who they want her to be". Can you expand on this? What does her family expect of her? How does Kirsius disagree with this? There are a slew of possibilities that you choose not to expand, leaving the character's motivations to feel a bit lackluster. Right now, it is just "she rebels against her family because she wants to different things". An elaboration on that reasoning would serve the character better.

You choose not to talk at all about religion. Lupo asked a question about religion, which is fine. Additionally, I'd like you to say what Kirsius feels about all the other Sinta religions, including the Tribunal. Religion is a great source of conflict among Unathi, and it should not be neglected from this character.

I'd like these contentions cleared up.

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So like, I don't get this part. 

She is taken on a pirate corvette, engaged in lots of combat which undoubtedly gave her a rap sheet with the authorities may it be with the Republican F Legion, the the Solarian Navy and maybe even Corporate PMC's. And then opened what would most undoubtedly be some kind of pirate bar due to her history.

Then of all things someone could do why would they sell their bar, move to the inner core worlds and become a corporate lackey in a bar they don't own to work for a corporation that most likely can turn her in for a bounty or political favor.

I would see this character succeed alot more if she started working for corporate PMC's as a grunt that promise her to wipe her criminal history in exchange for a labor contract due to her specialized starship boarding experiences. Skills and traits that aren't easy to obtain.


Could you fill in a few gaps regarding this? Because I'm somewhat confused.

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As for religion, I didn't talk about it because I totally forgot about it. Whoops. I'll do that first, then some other things.

Since she and her parents were from the Hegemony, Aza'hr and her family followed the Sk'akh faith during their time on Moghes and Ha'zana. She does not place any stock in the Th'akh faith, largely due to its decentralized nature, she believes it to be a primitive religion.
In her time on board the Malefaction, she was converted to the Moroz Holy Tribunal by a Dominian priest who was visiting the base. She feels that the Tribunal is simply another way of worshipping Sk'akh, due to the large similarity between the two faiths.
Aza'hr views the Si'akh Heresy as one would normally view a fanatical apocalypse cult, with an attitude of dismissiveness. She recognises the threat they pose, but does not give their beliefs any consideration. Her thoughts on the Aut'akh are similar, just with soul destruction instead of the whole doomsday thing.

Aza'hr is supportive of the Hegemony, and believes that the vassalage of the Compact is for the best, as it means they are far less likely to come to blows with the Izweski navy. She, however, is not keen on being part of Hegemony society, largely due to her being a female. Even on Ha'zana, her family wanted her to just marry well and be a good wife. The only way out for her seemed to be to join the Compact, so when a couple of sailors came to her town, she was fighting to escape. Also, in regards to this contest, she did not actually win, but she did manage to beat a good few Dread-Sailors, largely due to the first few showing her some mercy, which she took advantage of.

As for Hesphos' questions, the thing Az'ahr is most interested in is stories. In her past, she has always only seen one viewpoint, and pirate stories are all pretty much the same anyway. If being in the core worlds gets her interesting stories, then she's all for it. Besides, it's no more dangerous than owning a bar on a pirate base, or boarding ships for the Steel-Spirits. She absolutely has a rap sheet, but the reason she went to the Coalition of Colonies was to procure some forged release papers, with the hope that claiming she was held in some backwater facility that might not have updated her records will buy her some time aboard the Aurora, after which she plans to do it all again on another station.

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HI there! I was thrilled to see that this app included a character from Ha'zana, as the GC tends to be a very under explored faction that I'm working on renovating a bit because of that, and in general the concept is solid. Your answers to the previously posed questions also follow well with the lore. My only point to bring up is that, even though the Compact tends to depart from some of the laws of traditional Unathi society, they still keep similar opinions on gender roles. A woman joining the Compact is not unheard of, though she would not be given the same amount of respect or responsibility to fight in raids as she would be seen as naturally weaker and more suited to "feminine" tasks. This does, however, work well for an enterprising woman looking to start a bar! I only bring it up so that you're aware that she wouldn't necessarily be "escaping the restrictions of traditionalist society" by joining the fleet, since gender roles are very much still present there.

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That's actually what I assumed, yes, the reason she joined the fleet was more as a stepping stone for getting out there anyway. Also, thank you for writing more about the Compact, they seem really cool haha

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Overall, I enjoy the responses and I love the fact you're wanting to play in the Compact.

You seem to understand the unathi vibe, and I'd love to see your character in game! Enjoy!


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