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Aurora Station, in 3D, in Minecraft

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I've started work on a project to rebuild Aurora in Minecraft, mainly because I really like seeing the station from another perspective.

I'm building the project at the server ss13aurora.serverminer.com on Minecraft 1.15.2.

I recommend that you allow the resource pack from the server, so you can see the doors, lights, and (eventually) the wall decorations.

If you want to download the texture pack on its own, here you go: https://aaronos.dev/misc/ss13aurora.zip


This 3D perspective of the station gives us a view of how some of these rooms really look; certain rooms have more than just the one level we see every day.

One such example is the Medbay lobby, which opens up and has a view of several rooms on the upper level.


Another interesting effect of this is that staircases, such as the one near chemistry, flow about as naturally as you'd expect them to.


In several areas, such as the image above, you can also see outside the station's windows and get a pretty good view of the asteroid and other rooms.


The build is a work-in-progress. As I build out more of the main level, I'll be adding the upper levels on top. Over time, I'll be building out the sublevel as well.

On the first pass of the station, I'll be working on walls, floors, doors, and lights. On the second pass, I'll be adding furniture/equipment and decorations.

This is the first time I've taken a station build very seriously, and the first time I've built one with z-levels involved. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


I'm hoping to maintain as much accuracy as possible, but I've had to compromise in a few areas to avoid tearing a hole in space and time. Luckily, the places I've had to do that are few and hold no functional difference. Pretty sure they were cosmetic in the first place, anyway.

One small issue I've encountered is that lighting can sometimes be sparse, but it was typically like that in-game anyway.

One of the things I've really come to appreciate with this build is the attention to detail and the continuity between layers in the map. Whatever groups of people worked on it, they did a great job.

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This is very cool. You could use black wool as the view of space outside of windows if the asteroid etc is too far away, maybe could experiment with using spots of white wool or glow stone to simulate stars.

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