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[TRIAL] Haydizzle Wants to Boss People Around - Command Whitelist App

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BYOND key: Haydizzle
Character names: Porter de-Abaros, Morgan Andalhand, Buhersiz As'zalth, Kar'skalzi Bollu, S'uzda Dhosu, MYRIAD, Aerkor Hri'zok

How long have you been playing on Aurora?: About eight months, with varying levels of activity.
Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: My biggest appeal to play command is for the roleplay aspect of it as well as being a paperwork pusher.
Why did you come to Aurora?: I never played SS13 before, but I got roped into it due to my heavy background in various roleplay groups and knowing a bunch of people on Aurora.
Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes I have!
Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they?: To my knowledge I have not.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about:
Roleplay is telling a story at its core. Whether you are the storyteller of sorts by driving the narrative (like an antag, or perhaps someone just hosting some kind of zany event for others to enjoy) or someone engaging with other people attempting to start a narrative, roleplay is a medium of collaborative storytelling. In its various forms it varies from place to place, but for this server, it is intended to be a more fast paced storytelling platform for smaller stories I feel, which heavily differentiates itself from things like D&D, RPG video games, or forum RP, which all vary in pacing and longevity.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, in game?:
I believe heads of staff are meant to not only organize departments and help keep people involved, but also make decisions that meaningfully drive the story of a given round. Of course this can be as simple as raising the alert level and making periodic announcements about dangerous activity on station, but it can also include more complex or self-initiated things to give people something to do, like leading a research expedition, hosting a small party for moral, or even checking up on departments to roleplay with characters more person-ably. While I personally do not expect any given head of staff to know everything about their department like some kind of walking encyclopedia, I do think it is reasonable that heads of staff also show exemplary standards of roleplay.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:
This question I find rather interesting due to how it is for whitelisted players in general and not specifically to command. In general, I believe that a whitelist shows responsibility in knowing the lore and being able to generate roleplay or "hooks" with the character. Being able to turn a boring shift into a memorable one for some, or being able to just walk into an otherwise stifled room and make things interesting. From experience this is something I try to do already when I play a given character by having them be outgoing and conversant with complete strangers.

Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career?:
Mmmmm well to give one example, one of my characters as a paramedic has been picking up shifts in Mendel during the periods of riots and unrest. (It was a good reason for absence of character for a month or two as well.) However in general during the phoron shortages, my characters that would not normally be interested in being command due to being "content" with where they are at are starting to reconsider if they would want to pursue higher paying jobs in the future. It was also a major reason one of my newer characters, Hri'zok, left their home to find gainful employment elsewhere to support their commune. The recent events with the murder in the casino have actually played a weirdly heavy indirect impact on some of my characters, seeing how some people on station are being affected by it after the fact and are talking about it with my own characters.

What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted?:
I'm looking to primarily play Head of Personnel and Corporate Liaison.

Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking:
- Dalask Caladius, a Dominian Head of Personnel who is offering their history of banking and human resources for NT's finest on the Aurora (I recycled the name from a character I used all of three times so don't hurt me if it sounds familiar).
- Huynh Yen Phong, a Hephaestus Corporate Liaison from New Hai Phong who is being sent to Aurora in light of the phoron shortage to snipe more contracts from NT for Hephaestus (might not get around to playing this one, but listing it just in case).

How would you rate your own roleplaying?:
I give it a solid 8/10, but I'm always looking for more criticism and ways to improve my ability.

Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action?:
I do, and hopefully it won't come to that.

Have you familiarized yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles?:
I have!

Extra notes:
Thanks for the time to look over this. I'm 100% willing to listen to any criticisms with my ability to roleplay or perhaps my grasp on the game at large. Feel free to shoot me any questions here, or any in DMs should you feel they're not relevant to this application.

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I am stunned this person doesn't already have a command whitelist. They clearly have a good knowledge of role-play and helped me get my own command whitelist. All their characters are a joy to interact with.


Big big +1

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I have interacted with Haydizzle's paramedic and roboticist characters and it's always very fun to RP with them, They are no doubt ready for the whitelist and I would really like to see what they do with it !


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Haydizzle shows that they can roleplay well in game, and has recently picked up the pace and plays regularly on the server. They also act fine oocly and are a great person to interact with in the community, so I see no issue with them getting a whitelist in those regards.

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So, gonna get this out of the way since so many people have already said it, your good at RP, which is deserving of a plus one, but I'm more interested in your responses. 

You at least show you understand the importance of how command and other whitelists are for driving different kinds of RP, rather than just another means to an end with mechanics or securing valids. Since I also know you a fair bit, I'd say it extends beyond just showing that you just understand it, rather you truely understand it's importance.


Tl:dr, he shows he knows his rp stuff both verbally and with his actions

Fat +1

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A super active community member on discord. Engages in good communications and makes an effort to understand people's perspective. Doesn't think and act on what is best for themselves but makes the informed decision best for the server. I have only interacted with this person OOCly and few times ICly. I know you are able to make changes and leave an impression on many people. The real question is... Will you do it? 


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Thank you all for the feedback! I’d again like to put out a bulletin that if you have any concerns, feedback, or questions regarding my play style on server, I would not mind hearing them.

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I dunno he's kinda kringe.

I've been RPing with him for years now, not just on Aurora, and I think he's spectacular at it. Also, I think he's more than trustworthy enough to be able to coordinate a department and make sure that new players to his departments get taught how things typically operate.

I've no doubt that he'd do a good job, and I'd like to see how he goes on a trial.

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I've had a few shifts alongside Haydrizzle, their roleplay is good and they've also pledged themselves to the Server via a Lore position. I believe that they could easily handle a Command Application considering all that they've already handled. 

I do have a few questions on your application, however. 

1. Your HoP is Dominian, and the recent adjustment to Dominian Head of Staff has me intrigued in regards to it. Is Dalask a typical Dominian, or how else would you describe them?

2. Following that, how do you plan to deal with synthetics as your Head of Personnel? 


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Hello! Thank you for the time taken to ask some questions. I find them particularly fascinating and would love to elaborate.

1. House Caladius by my knowledge is a house that is not only an administrative and banking superpower in the nation, but they also are one of the most religious houses due to incorporating clergy of the Tribunal into their ranks. Dalask, however, would be a "typical Dominian" by virtue of them being in line with their country's ideology. The major reason for such a haughty noble to be so far from home in my own eyes is they just aren't as much of a zealot as their fellow house members. While remaining religious and observing the Tribunal, they just felt a little uncomfortable with how devout their house was, so going to Biesel was a good way to avoid a constant battering of religion.

2. This is a very good question! I'm firmly of the belief that heads of staff should be putting aside their discrimination when dealing with other crew members. This would be a practice I follow OOCly as well as ICly for Dalask. There would still be resentment and hesitation towards synthetics, but it would manifest in ways outside of directly cursing out station crew, perhaps in a slight bias regarding different issues.

EDIT: part of the reason I wanted to make a Dominian head of staff was to showcase a more well-made Dominian that doesn't draw much ire. (Perhaps also a noble who can chastise Dominians who are making their empire look bad too!)

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edit in for why I wanted this character idea
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Did a good job of taking care of my newbie Cargo Tech, and was open to ideas from my character. The kind of command player I like to see on any server.

RPing was good, handled RP through announcements / creating things for people to do well. 👍

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Understands the finer points of being a delegator which I feel is something a lot of Command players fall flat on. Open to working with others, and keeps departments informed of things they should know, but don't outright have the ability to hear. Probably one of the more approachable HoP players we've had in recent times, imo. Reminds me of when Yonnimer played Bright.

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Not interacted with their character directly all too much, but the RP that has been there has been great. I would generally encourage more communication with command, but it's waaayy waayyyy better than what it used to be. I'd also suggest not bringing in interim command members without running it past the other members first as well, as it's not really something the HoP should be doing alone. Really small issues though, the rest has been great.



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24 minutes ago, Lemei said:


Thank you for the feedback! I realized my hiccup minutes after promoting the interim CMO, it was an awkward moment pfaha. Communication wise, keeping tabs on all the channels is probably my biggest hurdle if I am honest. I'm confident I'll get it on lock.

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Hello! Okay, so. I've spent some time playing with Haydizzle's characters and I can first of all state that the level of personality and interaction exhibited is wonderful, I'm always able to tag onto a story with them and we can keep that rolling for a significant period of time. Now, specifically speaking about their command characters, I've played with their HoP on my QM. Their HoP seems to me, at a first glance, a character that is invested in the welfare of the departments, even going so far as to request a department tour as a new transfer to the NSS Aurora. It's things like this, and allotted bonus for good work, that show me that the player is actively trying to involve themselves with the department, which goes a long way in shoring up a good reputation with your employees. In a command player, I LOVE to see player involvement in a way that positively reinforces the level of roleplay available, because after all, we're all here to have a good time.

I'm rambling. +1 this fool.

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Only saw your HoP a couple of times now, but I am fully convinced that you deserve this whitelist. If you play a dominian without making a synth main cringe you are doing it right. If you help a hopeless new employee (which I tend to RP from time to time huehuehue) you are doing it so very right. Someone already pointed it out, but yeah you do remind me of some older command folks that we are all painfully missing. Keep up the great work and the good fight!

+1 without any criticism

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I have kept forgetting to post on this, so sorry about that.

Haydizzle plays cool, interesting characters that I have just been able to good RP with right off the bat without really realizing it was them or having much in the way of connection. Would speak more on that front, but I will say more about their command play and character.

Their HoP is Dominian but does not really make any of the common mistakes or issues some Dominians tend to do. They are professional and approachable, easy enough to talk to whether there is some matter to discuss, an issue to resolve or some small chat to do. A HoP is really one of the more crew facing members of command, given that they are in charge of service and cargo, along with being the paper pusher everyone goes to in the end. That said, it can be boring but Haydizzle seems to be doing just fine making scenarios and roleplaying with people. Easily one of my favourites. I still do not really interact with them much but their contributions to a round are still felt the same.

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Yeah, Haydizzy has been killing it with their trial. Lots of rounds played and all of them well. Solo, extended, secret, canon events... Yeah, he's able to handle what the game can throw at him, and he knows how to be a command presence without being overbearing. As Menown said, they know how to delegate. They've always been an excellent roleplayer and a fine person, so I'm not surprised he's been doing very well so far.

Hearty +1, nice job.

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I can attest to the applicant's human decency and willingness to take feedback in addition to otherwise being a good roleplayer, as well as being responsible and just with what is entailed with the expectations of the command whitelist. They've done a fine job and are many cuts above mediocrity. They're very consistent in their play and this is something I think is a welcome addition to the existing pool of command players.

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