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Connorjg1 - The Grand CCIA Application

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CCIA Staff Application

 Basic Information Byond key: Connorjg1  

Character names: 

Cart Kanara Nanotrasen Liaison 

Nathan Forger Security Officer

Garren Whitrun Roboticist 

Age: 24

Timezone:Australian Eastern Standard Time  

What times are you most available?: Varies greatly however 4:30pm onward is pretty normal for myself  


 How long have you played SS13?: One and a half years I believe. Possibly a bit more.

 How long have you played on Aurora?: Three or four months? Unsure about the exact timeframe 

How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you?: I'd like to think I'm  pretty active. I play quite a lot (probably too much sometimes lol) and I talk on the discord often. Forums I'm also.... eh. Activity wise I've posted a few things on the forum   

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Never

 Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: Small garry mod RP server a long time ago. Server ended up dying down

 Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: I play a ton of Nanotrasen Liaison and I believe in such a position I am good at collecting both sides of a story. I've also got lots of experience waiting and trying to be very patient both, IC and OOC. I also make a ton of faxes and paperwork both in game and with paperwork simulator for fun 


Why do you want to join the CCIA?: First because I absolutely love the idea of resenting the company. There's something oddly appealing to myself about that. The second is I love the incident report system and I've never seen anything like it. I was blown away when I first discovered the server had such a thing and was Instantly drawn to wishing to participate and the third is loving in-game paperwork. The idea of helping make the world feel more alive with words on a page is very neat and writing faxes and other in universe documents provides a level of immersion I do not believe I have seen in the past. 

What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: First and foremost. The ability to remain impartial. Even if a case seems open and shut at first you cannot allow either IC or OOC bias to affect your decision making. You wield a lot of power over other people's characters and making a biased decision can ruin the fun of another player. Next a cool head, patience, good book-keeping skills and being able to ensure that what you are doing is well thought out. Not to mention remaining professional. You represent Nanotrasen quite high in the chain of command  and it is not an easy position to reach so keeping an air of professionalism is a necessity.

 What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?: To provide the illusion of a living universe and one that exists beyond the boundaries imposed by the game. It helps the universe feel like there are truly people out there, that the Aurora isn't a singular entity cut off from existence and isolated from all. 

It also helps provide a final answer to settle debates, answer questions you can't within the round or to remind command they have superiors still and aren't all powerful. You are responsible for answering faxes and investigative duty

 What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: To allow for resolutions to issues outside the confines of a round and to provide the ability to have long term consequences that can help shape a character from in game actions. I very strongly believe the IR system is an absolute blessing and the presence of CCIA allows the world to still progress OOC.  They also have the purpose of being a moderator but for in character issues. I'm sure many issues would require moderator intervention if not for CCIA allowing then to be solved within the confines of the game. 

How do you handle stress?: I'd like to think I'm pretty good at stress management and handle it well How well do you work autonomously?: I believe I work better autonomously then otherwise and tend to provide the expected results without outside help  

Additional Notes: Lot of deliberation over if I wanted to post this or not. If I've done anything wrong shoot me a message

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