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Commendation Reports Rules and Format - READ BEFORE POSTING

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Commendation Report Rules and Guidelines

Commendation Reports are a way for Heads of Staff to give deserving employees the aknowledgement for great acts of achievement, bravery/sacrifice, service to crew/company and anything else that is considered commendable. Upon review, if the acts in question are deemed worthy of a commendation, the employee will receive one in their CCIA records, as well as any other IC rewards.


  • Commendation Reports must strictly be in IC format.
  • Commendation Reports must be made using the format provided below.
  • Commendation Reports may not be submitted in favour of non station characters or non-canon situations. Before submitting, make sure that the situation is being accepted as canon by the involved parties and server rules.
  • Commendation Reports may only be submitted by Command Staff or a Nanotrasen Liaison.
  • Commendation Reports themselves are not public knowledge. Any commendations, mentions or awards are, once they are granted.
  • Do not file Commendation Reports for minor things or for people simply doing their jobs.
  • The procedure will be relatively simple and will generally not involve IC interviews bar extraordinary circumstances. At most, witnesses will be asked their input either through a forum message or discord.


Title your report as: Commendation Report [Date] (Example: Incident Report 12/25/2460)

[b]Reporting Personnel:[/b] xxxReportedBy
[b]Job Title of Reporting Personnel:[/b] xxxTitle
[b]Game ID:[/b] (Game ID of the round on which the incident took place. If you don't remember the exact one, then the round after or the round before works as well. Found in the chat log once you log in, under the status tab above station time, and the lobby tab)
[b]Commended Personnel:[/b] (Name, Job Title)
- xxxCommendedPersons

[b]Witnesses:[/b] (Name, Job Title: Short description of what they witnessed)
- xxxWitnesses

[b]Time of Commendable Act:[/b] (If unable to provide, leave blank)
[b]Real Time:[/b] (E.g 0500GMT 3/25/18)
[b]Location of Act:[/b] xxxLocation

[b]Overview:[/b] (General description of what the employee did to deserve a commendation, including as much detail as is deemed necessary)

[b]Additional Notes:[/b]


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