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Tabor's "Meson" Aviators

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Byond key:  Estoytrucha

Discord key: Obligate Healer 3.0

Character Name: Tabor Janssens

Item name: Freakin' Awesome Shades

Item function(s): Per a discussion in another forum post that I will link below, I was hoping to get a meson overlay/tint on a pair of aviator sunglasses as well as three-five squares of shadow removal to allow me accessibility in mining in EVA.

Item description: This well-used set of aviator sunglasses has a small light blinking on the inside of the ear loop on the right side, They're clearly attached so some internal microbattery, and emit a small internal glow, providing vision aid in total darkness. Inexplicably, the lenses smell like Space Mountain Wind. 

How did your character obtain this item: He bought it through from the same eccentric old man he often purchases his bad movies from in an obtuse shop on the ODIN. Old Man Jemkins, as the proprietor is called, promised that these glasses were both haunted and lucky, thus netting an extra eight hundred credits from the miner with more income than sense (clearly before the phoron shortage, but what are you gonna do). 

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?:  Per previous discussion, I need this more for mechanical reasons than to contribute to rp.

Sprites: They should be identical to any other set of aviators; extra spriting work shouldn't be necessary.

Additional Comments: Please see original thread for context.

 Thank you for your consideration.

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