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Adjust the Wristbound Computer Sprites

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Right, so we recently got some on-mob sprites for wristbound computers.
I'll leave my criticism simply, using images provided by Memescope.
Simply put, they're massive. Extremely massive. They need to be slimmed down a lot, in my opinion.
The size also does not play well with jackets.

The back sprite, for instance, completely conceals the hand.

As well, there's also the issue of the obj sprite's colors.
The new ones on the right are very difficult to actually tell apart. image.png.e25b85fb150205c0ed9fcf7b0855517d.png
For instance, the Security one used to be very distinct and colorful. Less so now.

So, in the end, please slim them down and please add some color back.

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Extreme position here, but I really just don't think wristbounds should have an on-mob sprite at all. It has been expressly stated by the dev team that wristbounds are intended to eventually replace PDAs altogether, and they will then become the primary ID slot item in the game. I have no real way to justify it making "sense," but I don't think they should mar the cosmetic appearance of your sprite just because you want to make use of an important utility item that you could always use without a big black blob on your wrist before now.

I'm less attached to the coloration of the wristbounds themselves, but I personally preferred the older ones, though I can understand the problems with those sprites as well. Maybe a middle ground between "just varying shades of white with a dot of color on them" and "the entire thing is department-colored"? Make the whole bump on the left side colored instead of just a dot on it? Change the colors of the blue buttons? Not sure, specifically, but I'm sure there's a happy medium.

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Further extreme position - the wrist bound design is retro-futuristic and I thought we were moving away from that. I think they should be redesigned to be a watch which expands into a holographic projection when activated.

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I'm neutral on the retro-futurism vs. sleek futurism debate, but I have to agree with doc wholeheartedly, I don't think they need an on-mob sprite, they just look huge and clunky. It's just nice having a utility item that doesn't add a huge block of pixels onto your sprite, especially since they don't seem to play nice with any uniforms.

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Pretty much just echoing whats been said. Seems like its not worth the trouble for how much it clashes with uniforms and outerwear in game and the sprite isn't too appealing anyway.

Definitely been less people using the wristbounds as well now due to it too.

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Passing comment, the on-wrist sprites look exceedingly bulky and weird. The only really acceptable way to sprite them, IMO, would be to just have them overlay the sleeve area. Maybe extend it a bit but not as much as they are now.

Also I would be up for some holographic-display like sprites for these. 👀 at Kyres and Wezzy.

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I feel the color tweaks were good to bring them in line with similar devices and not stick out so much. Though perhaps the on-mob sprites could do with some tweaking to stick out less.

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I don't really mind the colour myself, particularly like how the "keyboard" or whatever the light teal part looks distinct from the rest of a wristbound.

Making them more futuristic and adding holograms and such would be interesting, though.

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I liked the original onmob spriters and believe it unfortunate that they are being removed. However, I am glad to see the current ones go. No offense to whoever made them, but the sprites are just too huge.

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