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RealSync Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: RealSync
Total Ban Length: Permanent 

Banning staff member's Key: TG_Griffin

Reason of Ban: image.png.1d92ff1e081e92cc48c495bca24ba747.png

Reason for Appeal:
I had two warnings and a ban before. First warning was for me not knowing that a ninja energy sword actually kill people quickly, I have killed a warden, I wanted to use rather as a bait, ruined his rp, really was not my intention. Second warning was from me attacking a SSD person as a vampire after getting chased by security, my vampire was in rage, cause he needed blood, I assumed the person who is sitting on the chair was not SSD, cause I saw him sit there by himself before, still I didn't perform any kind of chat before I attacked him, not giving him a chance. My first 24 hour ban was when I blew up the shuttle, after I try to assassinate the person who has killed my characaters friend, I was a antag during that time, it never accured to my mind that the shuttle would actually break from a frag grenade. All these warnings and bans were justified, cause they would have been easily prevented if I had read the rules though like I was advised. The admins and moderators had good patients with me as a new player, I really enjoy playing on the server so to my appeal.

I got banned on 2020-08-28 23:40:46 by TG_Griffin for disconnecting after I was taken down by a EMT. Well the reason why I did that would be better explain if I tell what happened IC. Me and the rest of the mercenaries were trying to get on the shuttle, one of the mercenaries was starting to hit open the glass, so we can get to the airlock and access the ship, a EMT team has arrived and decided to shoot the glass between us and space, which made us get vented, I walked in, with my smg, started shooting at the EMT, I was flashbanged, shot with bullets and I walked to space, at this point I assumed I was gonna die, looked at the time, which was for me 2 am and thought to myself, well I guess I go to sleep. When I come back to computer to shut it off, I had in mind that I wanted to talk OOCly about the round inside the game, before the next round starts before I log off.
I was suprised with the ban, I never expected that to happen. I might had a misunderstanding with my characters current situation before I logged off, if I was still not about to die, I am sorry. 

Again, I really like playing on the server. I am not a troll or any kind of toxic player. All I just want is to be able to play on the server again, I apologies to all the staff members who were bothered by my mistakes, I promise I will now always inform a admin team before I do such actions, like disconnecting. 


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To clear up some history here, I had to give you a large number of warnings and a brief temp ban revolving around your antagonistic gameplay and fact that you had not properly read the rules at the time AND continued to display a lack of understanding in both the rules and basic antagonist gameplay, Rules that I have linked to you before in tickets. 

You were permanently banned you due to the string of rule-breaks i'd witnessed in such a short amount of time, all of which related to your antag gameplay. 

I can see however you do enjoy playing here and given the room you can develop and prove to be a great and cohesive roleplayer, though you need to prove that to myself and the rest of the staff team. I will be lifting the ban on the condition we start seeing a genuine improvement and an understanding of the rules. 

Locking and Archiving 


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