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[Accepted] Lmwevil Revives Another Whitelist - Insect Food Edition

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BYOND Key: Lmwevil

Character Names: Tess Greed, XI-2815505, Confessions of Unrequited Heart, A Final Scream Of Terror Followed By Crushing Solitude, and a few others.

Species you are applying to play: Vaurca

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: RGB 11, 43, 27
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Extensively, even put some issues in the lorecord.


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Bugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. In seriousness though, the lore is exceptional and they have cool sprites. Since apparently I’m insane and enjoy maining a Diona, this will be a nice compromise when I want to change it up. Additionally with another body playing the role there may even be 2 in a single round!! Also to try and generate more player interest like I did with plants.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Well they are ‘short lived’ per body as an unbound,everything is a lot faster than humans. They grow for 6 months, then are in VR for 6 months to learn, then they’re torn back to the icky material plane. Then they live for 20ish years, die, then eventually get put in a new body.

Bound are basically like playing a lobotomized borg, you live to do whatever Unbound ask you to do, you have no personality, do your job.

They also have speech differences with varying degrees of issue based on the quality of their vocoders, f and TH into ZZ and so on. 


Character Name:Ka'Akaix'Uual K’lax
Reaching the age of 58 years old, they have spent much of this in The Sleepwalker’s VR. They have been experiencing much of the outside world since the arrival of their fleet through the downloaded experiences of their brood kin, having lost their body they recently have been placed once again by the will of the Queen into a new vessel.

They have learned much, and spent most of their time speaking with the newest and oldest minds, trying to be as intellectually helpful while in VR. Now that they have a body, they have made quick use by dismantling as much technology they can. This world may be hard, but Uual is determined to make it better in any way for their kindred.

Additionally they harbor a slight resentment towards humanity for their unfair trade deal with the K’lax hive. Along with a hint of caution around Tajara after the Lii’dra incidents and mobbings. The shock that the C’thur survived was received in VR, and having not engaged with one outside of given memories they have a strict racial suspicion or even abject hatred of most of the hive. 


They were sent to Mendell to provide information back as to the conditions the Zo’ra were facing. It was largely a personal venture under the pretense of earning credits for their hive outside of the scam of a trade deal. It wouldn’t take long before their skills in logistical work landed them a job in NanoTrasen moving goods, with a vested interest in making sure their coworkers resolved their issues amicably. 


What do you like about this character?

I like the unique take on the world around them, a chance to see the world with their own two eyes for the first time. Sort of like seeing people living life all the time on TV and finally being able to do it themselves. It will be really cool to find out where they fit in. 

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I’ve held a Dionaea whitelist for ages, IPC for a bit less and have never gotten a note. So I guess either good or I am part of the shadow cabal that runs all of ss13

Notes: Proofread By - flpfs, brennuvargar,snakebitten, and soulthief96
PS: it was noted I could put way more into the difference between humans vs bug, but the reality is we both know how they act and I didn’t want to make a huge wall of text. 


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Well, its fairly obvious that you care about the app, with the proofreading, questions to myself and others, and even pointing out lore issues in the lore chat. And from your player backstory I can tell you obviously know the gist of vaurca and how they operate. 

That being said, I have questions™
1) What was their first reaction to the world around them once exiting VR?
2) What is their opinion on the hegemony?

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1) Things were much much less orderly, there was a chaos that they no longer could control. In VR they were safe, they could imagine any space and lived in absolute comfort, outside of VR there were things they couldn't expect. It was a harsh reality, and seeing the somewhat dire straits they were in, how every other alien species is almost exploiting their hive for personal gain. To see the memories doesn't encapsulate just how rough it is for their hive, for everyone around them and their Queen. 

2) While they have a natural suspicion of all alien species due to the fact that every interaction they've seen, involves somehow shafting their hive or others. The Hegemony allows us to stay, but in return we have to provide. Once upon a time we had a glorious hive, and required nobody else. In short, they don't have hatred of any sort, but to say they are extremely untrusting is an understatement. A longing for true independence. 

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I'm not all that knowing in Vaurca Lore, but I can attest to Squid's (Lmwevil) ability to roleplay. Their roleplay as a Dionae is astounding, and I believe when they create characters they push a large amount of themselves into them. I have no doubt that Squid will be able to roleplay as a Vaurca, and do so without causing any issues.

This application has my support!/ +1

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Hello. I'm sort of sick right now, so I can't go into much detail, but this application is very good, and as a result I'll be accepting it, also given I've witnessed you demonstrate good understanding of the lore on the lore discord as well. So yeah.

Application accepted.

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