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What do you wear as a security officer?

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As a security officer (or warden for that matter), what cosmetics or clothes outside of the ordinary uniform do you use? This includes everything from hats to sweaters to jackets.

Anything you share will be used for purposes of possibly redifining the NT security loadout selection.

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Wilson wears the black, corporate uniform, sleeves rolled up. A holobadge worn over the armor for the sake of identification.
As for uniform attachments, Wilson has two: one is her rosary, because she's a devoted Catholic, the other is an European bone charm, though she usually keeps both tucked beneath her uniform.

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Generally I only wear badges, different shoes (such as dress shoes and taller boots), and sometimes a tie as I believe officers should be easily identifiable. The most "out there" officer I have is one that attaches a Trinary Perfection cape to her armor and wears a submariner's coat while coming on and off of duty.

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Also depends. Generally I always have a bunch of accessories, or different shoes.
My old G2 officer would wear a flight jacket (green or blue) when she wasn't wearing an armor vest. She would wear a poncho over said vest to look less intimidating, as well as dark jeans (because we already had a black uniform.)
My Zavod shell wears stud earrings and tall boots, but is a contractor so my choices are limited.
My most out there one is also a Trinary shell, wearing a black blazer over the normal 'blue pants and shirt with a tie' uniform, as well as the Trinary cape, halo antenna, and some jewelry.

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a skirt option like on other stations would be nice, could even be a add\accessory.


or even maybe the security could feature a jacket so one could wear anything under

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As HoS main, pending that people are easily identifiable as an officer I don't have too much of an issue.

Huge jackets that cover the main uniform I do usually request they take off during patrol, however.


Being Command, we can choose our own outfits. My character usually keeps it professional by wearing a button up, khakis, tie and blazer. Here recently I've been adding the badge to my blazer as well. As always, accompanied by a secure briefcase.

Armor, belts, and any type of backpack while being a HoS seems off to me. Think- would your director at work come in wearing a backpack or carry around a satchel all day? Very odd.

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Generally speaking, whatever I want. To get into specifics, a security character I have made but not yet played wears a variety of loadout items: Including a jacket, different boots, and a number of minor accessories like patches and pins. I don’t particularly worry about being identifiable as security, because all the gear you carry will do that for you.

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With Trucy, I have her wear a white undershirt polo, a knee-length skirt that matches the officer's jumpsuit pants, navy tie, security red armband, officer's beret, pantyhose, black leather gloves, holo badge and dress heels . Kind of like a formal lady's officer uniform you'd see in the military or police force in some countries. Best reference I could come up with is Officer Jenny throughout the years except the skirt wouldn't be so short. The color scheme and gear really do let other folks know you're in security. I would love to have a dressier skirt option that is officially Nanotrasen security instead of beating around the bush with clothing sporting the Nanotrasen logo. 

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I had an EPMC who wore a suit jacket and tie over his contractor uniform with the EPMC holo-patch on one sleeve and the blue sec armband on the other. He also wore dress shoes instead of boots, to sell that corporate look. When he'd wear armor, I'd roll my sleeves up and attack the holobadge necklace instead of revealing the normal holobadge.

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Usually I just add custom descriptions on the already existing standard equipment and attach unique personal accessories to each character - but I wonder if people actually notice and bother to examine them.

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Oddly enough I do not deviate from the security uniform other than differing ways of accessorizing it. In order to wear a different bowtie as Sentiment, (since the Idris tie is already on the Idris uniform) I instead wear a white dress shirt so the two don't overlap.

Beyond that I will wear differing scarves, pins, bowties, ties, hats, gloves, shoes, badges, armbands etc.

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Armband, Badge, Beret, Gloves, Dress Shoes, Tie is fairly universal to most of my Security contractors. Non-contractors usually wear a jacket of some form as well - along with the aforementioned list of items.

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