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Gina's Perfectly Normal Multitool And\Or Iron Coin

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Byond key: Eple

Discord key: Cryptonym#4710

Character Name: Gina Valentine

Item name: Multitool (With Initials) or Iron Coin (With Initials)

Item function(s): Standard Functions

Item description: It's just, regular, Multitool and\or Iron Coin; EXEPT has my Initials marked inn the items so easely identifyable as Gina's, in case i drop em off.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Because she sometimes, occationally, depending on situation hack stuff, shes also a collector of those damn coins found everywhere.

How did your character obtain this item: Gifted it by everyone's favourite Maintainance loot.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: It's the conclusion of an odd sequence of events. She like decides to try out hacking vendors for free stuff, goes trough a looters classic attempt, ends up putting most of the loot in Vacant office or Comissionary, goes on to win 6 shifts straight and 6+ boxes of syndicake from local machines. At this point Gina comes to have these items on her person at all times like good luck , or at least like a reminder of what she should be doing due to her often interesting cases of memory loss. Whatever other incredibly fortunate events of antag rounds is usually found out by a detective due to unique fibers tied to her unusual cloths.. gets her pinned pretty quickly and due to carrying the device shes gona be pinned by any detective who likes doing their job; this is a old character now and quite known, after all.

Sprites: It's just the existent Multitool and\or iron coin. Assistants can't take it on the loadout, and for good reason, but i think iv moved up from LRP to LRP+ and thus havent been boinked for overdoing the hacking part anymore, pluss made so many friends along the way that seem to direct her in other directions, or abuse her coin addiction.

How i intend to use these: Coin can be redered useless in vending machines or not beeing accepted due to edited, the multitool i would prefer had the regular functions, Door hacking has very little to do with Multitool and more to do with cutting id, this is meant to be used on vendors.

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For picture that says about 7 words
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This is for custom items. I have never requested a custom item myself but, there is definitely nothing custom about this. How do you think this contributes to roleplay? All this does is give you an advantage over everyone else because you start with an item that nobody else starts with, (besides Engineers.) I think you need to re-read the pinned forum post and probably just close this thread.

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Well, Multitools are sorta common, sorta core aspect of my intent with the character, the coin is just trinkets that i like to carry so im trying to make it more of a signature, i flip them how most people flip lighters.


Let me edit it a bit.

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The custom items that are requested here and normally done so to enrich a character’s backstory and development. I really, really think you should take some time to read the other threads because I can’t see this adding anything to your character.

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Yea, i guess it wont be permitted then, its fine, i dont really have any completely custom ideas, i prefer to work with what allready exist, im sorta a vanillaist.

I read the other guys, with the dices, and thats sorta like the small item i had in mind, the multitool is sorta just something i try to allways carry.

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Essentially Eple, when you apply for a custom item it has to be flavor only. You can't apply for any items that actually give you a mechanical advantage which a combitool does. It's true that you can just grab one at round start like a sec officer can grab a gun, but it's the general rool to prevent power game creep.

An idea though - a custom combi-tool modification which your character carries that changes the sprite OR something that I think is more likely to be approved - a custom sprite hacking kit/cyberdeck like those in say shadow run:

It'd be non functional but something for Gina to carry around. I think it'd represent the character well.

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Multitools come out of the plumbing here. They spawn very often in the two tool storages we have, and can be mass produced off of an autolathe. The multitool is a +1 from me, just because it fits what the character is and does, and the object is extremely common. I have seen tools and welding helmets get approval, but they're usually locked off behind a job role. They might rig you up such that the multitool only spawns in your inventory when you play engineering.

The coin? It should only be for flavor, and should not be able to fit into any of the vending machines, if you're going to do what I think you're going to do with it.

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There is quite a bit wrong with this application. Giving players a multitool at round start is not withen what custom items are ment for, and for this purpose and the fact that its hardly character defining, we have decided to decline this application. Messege me privately if you would like to discuss this

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