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LoC - Mrrrrhazmanq Naldratajrmro

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Reporting Personnel: Vira Bolivar
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain
Game ID: b9p-axZi
Commended Personnel: Mrrrrhazmanq Naldratajrmro - Assistant/Expeditionary Gardener
Edward Dawnguard - Research Director
Ruby Lotami - Physician
Time of Commendable Act: ??
Real Time: 12:00AM 01-Oct-20 ish
Location of Act: NSS Aurora Expeditionary Shuttle
Overview: Naldratajrmro saved the life of Tabor Janssens during an expedition to an unidentified derelict installation by amputating an infected arm caused by a nurse spider strain. They took initiative to save the life of a man who most certainly would've died seconds after had they not acted sooner. I recommend they be awarded for valor, bravery and initiative. 
Additional Notes: ((I'm hoping this may be vaguely canon since while it did pertain to an away site, I don't expect any involved party to be able to recognize the place they landed in. I'll still accept it if it turns out to not be considered canon.))

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