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[Denied]RealSync Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: RealSync
Total Ban Length: Permanent
Banning staff member's Key: snakebittenn
Reason of Ban:  image.png.7f19c04f6e52427bc33a10d300b66f94.png
Reason for Appeal: 

I am applying to play again simply, it has been a long month for me since I got banned and I been pretty scared to appeal on the forum since, I had my chance and i wasted it. Even if my ban was deserved I would still like to play again.

My suicide in that round didn't affect anyones roleplay, infact it was just me sitting in a cell the entire round trying to get into the hospital somehow for me to escape. I even used the holo call inside my solitary cell to contact people so they would come to the cell after I hurt myself. Some people would say "Why would you hurt yourself that much?" Simply because a cultist might not be alright in the head and it was in my opinion the only way to escape, nobody was coming for me and cared enough for me with simple injuries. I died to my wounds in the cell, which is pretty suprising since I remember only using a metal ring to hurt myself, this might even show how long I was stuck in that cell. After I died I said something like "Finally I died" in the chat and logged off since I think it was like 3-4 am in Germany during that time and I was just really tired.

I apologize for my actions.

I have been distracting myself somehow since I got banned with singleplayer games and such, I tried to join other ss13 servers just to somehow get over the ban since I didn't have much hopes for making a appeal around that time on the Aurora forum, but the server experience didn't get close to Aurora at all and it made me even more sad.

I would not say that my roleplay on Aurora was bad, infact I tried my best to always involve the whole crew and even do passive antagonist RP. People got upset about me using the same characters often and mixing my main character with antagonist roleplay. Examples for my Antagonist RPs: Blondie and Luke which was a couple who robbed a station by kidnapping the captain with EVERYONE involved from robotics to security, the convention where me and couple other antagonists made a fake convention to rob peoples clothing(don't remember why that was a thing) with us confusing a officer with the line "CALM DOWN SIR."(you get it if you were involved) and so on. Of course I cant make it right for everyone whenever I played antagonist, thats why I even had started to ask LOOC if the person want to get involved everytime, since I wanted to prevent people from  complaining about them getting turned to a cultist and similiar.

I hope I can get back into Aurora so I can enjoy my night after work again with fun RP and friends.


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I cannot, in good faith, accept this at this time.
All of your actions, all of the things that led you to be talked to, warned, banned by staff, all took place in under a month. I have no real indicator that you're not just going to break the rules not long after you get unbanned. Given this, I'm going to be denying it. You can reappeal on 01/01/2021, and not a day sooner.

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