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NSS Aurora is a menace

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That's right, I said it. Aurora is a menace.

There's supposed to be a "Canon" progression of events but if you start acting different like carrying a shiv because you work on an oil rig in pirate territory you're powergaming. If you don't react to the horrifying events, you're LRP. So there's obviously no winning here.


You must become the traumatic event. You, the people of Aurorastation, must go out of your way to undermine the events with your own RP'd and valid mental breaks to start mass-murdering. You can't get PTSD if you are the traumatic event after all. Become a hero, welderbomb the event character. You could've saved Gus if you tried. You could've killed the phoron worm with cluster-welderbomb. You're just not trying hard enough. 

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