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Staff Complaint - Matt Atlas

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BYOND Key: Happy_Fox

Staff BYOND Key: MattAtlas

Game ID: b9M-c7LP

Reason for complaint: Used Goonchat functionality to post the 1st film in the Shrek franchise - "Shrek"- after only receiving permission to post the 2nd film - "Shrek 2"






Additional remarks: While I'm usually quite lenient on my view of admins I think this is too much a poor indicator of MattAtlas' ability to properly perform their duties, and pretty much ruined the whole round for me and most likely several others on the server. While I don't think they should have their staff position revoked I think they should at least be given a warning about misusing their powers. And while I also understand the staff complaint guidelines advise not to post complaints until the round is over I felt this was such a significant problem (and because my pizza is almost ready) that I should post it right away. Thank you.

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