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Character Names:

Imran Zadeh, Dayo Abioye

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Sandy-yellow

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

The concept of honor and social standing in Unathi society are what stand out to me the most. Their stratified society (particularly regarding guwan and orphans), as well as how ingrained religion is in Unathi society are themes I believe I'd enjoy exploring while playing as an Unathi character.

While reading the lore I found myself particularly interested in the Queendom of Szek'Hakh since the gender roles are inverted, and that would fit well with my playstyle while still playing a male character - at least while starting with the whitelist.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

While humans have near absolute freedom to choose how to live their life, Unathi don't. Religion, honour, and reputation play a major role in how an Unathi behaves; from their mannerisms during conversation to how their feudal society operates. The concept of being branded a guwan is something that not only is a completely foreign concept for (most) humans, but also makes a huge impact on how an Unathi acts, as they become pariahs in their society for deviating from what is considered 'normal'.

Having such an emphasis on tradition and gender roles in Unathi life means that to an Unathi, going against the norm is almost unthinkable, and believe that it would bring dishonor to them. A vast difference between Unathi and humanity, where individuality is more often than not praised, rather than shunned. 

Character Name: Ame'Kaz Szek’Hakh

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Ame'Kaz was born in Yu'kal in 2435, during the contact war, and wasn't fortunate enough to have a regular childhood. By the time they were in their teens, the nuclear exchange turned his home into a wasteland. Queen Lazak took over after her husband died at this point, convincing everyone that she was the only one capable of ruling.

Ame'Kaz initially resented the sudden inversion of gender roles in his clan, but slowly came to terms with it, realising that the lack of men meant the clan needed to make fundamental changes in order to survive. What he was told was expected of him as a child now no longer matters, as he's no longer considered a warrior.

Once they turned 18, they married and slowly adjusted to their new life as a house-hubsand. At first he viewed his new role as humiliating, and resented it, but grew to accept it as a fact of life. Watching his home be destroyed as a teenager traumatised him, and very much contributed to their quick adjustment to the role in his marriage.

In 2462, Ame'Kaz and his wife had the rare opportunity to board a Dominian shuttle heading for Tau Ceti, thanks to Queen Lazak's contacts, and took it. Finding opportunity on Moghes outside of the Queendom would be an extremely difficult adjustment for the two, and they realised that going off-planet was their only choice. Once they arrived, NanoTrasen took advantage of their status as refugees and pressed them into signing contracts to work with the company. Ame'Kaz works aboard the Aurora as a cook/gardener, while his wife is working on another NanoTrasen facility as a security officer.

What do you like about this character?

I like how their background allows me to play an Unathi in a non-traditional way; their adult life in the Queendom means that they'd act much in the same way an Unathi female would in other nations. I believe playing this character would be overall an interesting experience, especially when interacting with more traditional male Unathi characters.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I'd say my ability is good, but not perfect. Always trying to improve where possible.


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I do love me some Queendom Unathi. This is a very interesting character concept and I'm fascinated to see how he interacts with other Unathi operating in the traditional mindset IE gender roles, particularly other males. I just have a few basic questions to get some more detail on your character's stance on the main lore tenants.

1) What religion does Ame'Kaz belong to? Is he particularly devout?
2) Given that his home was leveled by the Contact War, I'm assuming he doesn't feel very friendly toward the Izweski Hegemony. What is his stance on the whole Hegemony vs Traditionalist mindset?
3) What is his opinion of Unathi males living in the more traditional roleset? Is he jealous of their non-subservience, or proud of the way he lives his life?

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1) Tha'kh, like the majority are in the Queendom. He'd be as devout as any other Unathi, with a belief that the lack of respect and connection with the spirits indirectly caused the nuclear exchange.

2) He has a deep dislike of the Hegemony; being raised during a war between them and the Coalition he was born into would definitely cause him to think of them as the 'enemy', even today. Ame'Kaz would definitely have issues interacting with members of the Hegemony, thinking that they are despots and traitors to all Unathi for allowing non-Unathi to be involved in their affairs, since that's what he was told growing up.

3) As I mentioned in the backstory, they were at first resentful, but grew into their new station in life. They were in their teens and already had some idea of what would be expected of them as an adult, and the gender roles being reversed in the Queendom was a shocking change for him. Knowing that if things were different he'd still be living in a more traditional society with a better social standing has made him envious of other male Unathi, however he takes some pride in knowing that he's still a caregiver for his wife in his own way.

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Hello! I gave the application a quick overpass and was approached about this application in private. I had no major concerns before, and the application justifies my faith accordingly. This on top of some interactions with Imran as various characters, like as a scientist, a shaman, and a paramedic, have all given me a good idea of their ability to roleplay in an engaging capacity.

Naturally, I still have some questions to sound out your thoughts on the lore, as well as this character. 

1) All Ame'kaz has ever known is the Wasteland and the Queendom. How do you think they will react to the foreign and often controversial customs in human space?

2) You mentioned that your character is somewhat non-traditional due to their upbringing in the Queendom, though you've given credence to them being traditional in other ways (such as being heavily religious). How else do you think your character breaks from tradition or perhaps adheres to it? Do you think being exposed to traditional or even warrior-like male unathi would make Ame'kaz want to revert back towards tradition?

3) More of a shorter one that's simply a point of curiosity: do you think this character has the capacity to "rise" in station (like training towards and ultimately getting a different job on the Aurora)?

Thanks for applying!

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Quick clarification
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1) For Ame'Kaz it'd be a challenge. He'll experience more freedom than back home, access to a better quality of life, and be constantly exposed to concepts and people that would go against their traditional views. I'd say Ame'Kaz would react with a mix of culture shock, but also awe at how different everything is compared to Moghes. An anxious excitement.

2) I'd say that they still adhere to tradition, but not in the way that a male Unathi outside of the Queendom would. They try to adhere to tradition in a way that their role in society allows them to, avoiding disgracefulness and showing respect to their elders. Ame'Kaz is somewhat envious of male Unathi from outside of the Queendom, as he still remembers how he was raised up until Queen Lazak took over. Although he might feel as if he wants to go back to how things were, he saw what the nuclear exchange did to his home, and that has shaped Ame'Kaz' view on violence and being 'warrior-like' immensely.

3) I'd say he might, after a few years of living in Tau Ceti, but he's a recent immigrant from a culture where society is heavily stratified. The idea that he could reach a higher-level position right now would still be a foreign concept to him, regardless of his views on Unathi tradition.

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