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Add 2 extra maglights for Detective and Foresinc Technician

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Its not like maglights cost 20 Million Credits.  One Round a FT and i went to the construction level to try to get some evidences. and she could not see the stuff around soo i had to light everything for her... so she can do her job.. 


another Round i arrived Late and there was no Maglights left... soo i ordered from cargo, but there was no one working on cargo, later i Needed to Search a maint and i had no light, so i had to beg a miner to give me one.

Its not like they are weapons of mass destructions, or is it wink , they are Simple TOOLs.  A INVESTIGATION department should definitly have those. they have it on the CSI tv show...


>But just order from cargo every single round!

And when there is no cargo? thats a patch to the problem not a solution.

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I agree in that there should be enough maglights for everyone in the department. I can't recall how many the department starts with but what I suspect is that ideally they were meant to be for the officers and cadets. However that means that if a Detective, FT, or Warden takes one, it means someone else doesn't get one. Or vice versa.

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Funnily, they were meant for the officers + detectives. Having a couple extra for cadets who shouldn't have been taking them in the first place sounds like a clean and harmless change, though.

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