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OmenVI Unban Request

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[b]BYOND Key:[/b] OmenVI [b]Total Ban Length:[/b] Eternity +1 [b]Banning staff member's Key:[/b] Ladyfowl [b]Reason of Ban:[/b]   [b]Reason for Appeal:[/b] I was a traitor so I burned the lower levels with plasma. I killed the researcher because they were where the plasma was stored. Since I saw people killing others in rounds before that one as traitors, and causing a lot of damage to the station I thought this was okay too.


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As the banning staff member retired, Ill be taking this unban request.

I see you already have three permas racked up from last year, and your reasoning to appeal doesnt seem to go beyond "Other people did it, so I can do it too."

Why should I even consider your appeal here?

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I'm pretty sure this was my first time being a traitor on any hrp server so I was thinking that flooding the place with plasma was okay. However after I played on different servers some more and learned about what's okay given their level of rp, I can agree that wasn't acceptable. But at the time, I didn't see any problem with flooding the station when the round before and the round before that one, people were bombing the place.

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