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Lent23 - Unathi Deputy Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username

Position Being Applied For
Deputy Lore developer

Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?

Past Experience & Knowledge
I have previous experience with lore writing on a few  Gmod servers back in the day, including some Half Life 2 RP (Mostly Overwatch/CCA) and Fallout RP (Mostly Brotherhood of Steel). My most prevalent experience with lore writing however would probably be my D&D world that I've spent a significant amount of time worldbuilding. The most fun I've ever had was worldbuilding a D&D world with my friends, interweaving their personal stories into the world to make an overall interesting place through multiple people's ideas. Most of my time in general is spent conceptualizing and world-building various things, be it on my D&D world or ideas for my Aurora characters, including my main character at the moment, Alsina Tau'ha'nor, a hegemonic noble.

Examples of Past Work
A link to my D&D World for a bit of context of my writing style. I'm in the middle of a large-scale rework of a lot of pages and information right now, so most things are subject to change, but the information is there.

Unathi: The Strong Race
Let's start out strong (haha) here: The biggest thing I see players attribute with Unathi is that they are strong. This may be on the more meta side of things, but Unathi are so much more than the idiotic lizard brutes that many people seem to associate them as. What I see as one of the causing factors of such a reductive attitude towards the Unathi is that they are so uniform. Now, uniformity isn't necessarily a bad thing per-se, but when compared to the other most prevalent non-human species: the Tajara, they come across as a bit lacking.
The Tajara have the PRA, DPRA, NKA. They have Hharar, Zhan-Khazan, Njarir'Akhran, M'sai. Distinct nations, distinct ethnicities, and there is reflection of that in the game, not only in mechanics but also in player participation. Zhan-Khazan are considered stupid by the other ethnicities. Ethnopolitics, government ideas, domestic relations; these are the sorts of ideas that I seek to bring up and explore with the lore team. Right now we have a broad, "The Hegemony is in the untouched lands, there's wasteland clans, There's a queendom that rules a portion of the wasteland." Which is a great starting point! I just want to explore these things further.

Lack of Direction
I love Unathi as much as the next Unathi player, and that's why it's so sad to see what I can only refer to as a stagnation of the overall Unathi storyline. There is nothing really going on for the Unathi. They come from Moghes, Ouerea, Dominia sometimes from an outlying colony, but there's nothing really driving them as a group. There are multiple factions of Unathi all spread out among the few colonized planets and they all have no real interactions or relations with eachother with recent canon events. This is the sort of thing that I really believe would be a strong launching-off point for Unathi and really kickstart a renewed Unathi interest.

What I Want To Do Most

  • Help clean up a lot of the wiki pages. Things can be super confusing and hard to find a lot of the time. Things can be a bit more organized and maybe spread into a few different pages to make it a bit easier and clearer to find information.
  • Identify and buff the information around a lot of things, including socioeconomic policies (Expanding on the mercantilist nature of the Hegemony), ethnopolitical relations (How the hegemony interacts with it's neighbors on Moghes, Ouerea, Other Species), religious differences (doctrines, sins, heresies), and generally refine some finer details of smaller things to give a better picture for the players who focus on these sorts of things.
  • Expand information about a few of the factions (Aut'akh, Grim Compact, Wasteland, The Guilds, and especially smaller hegemonic nobility) and flesh out some details in Unathi society (Honor, Religion, etc)

Closing Statement
Honestly, I just want to help maintain this species that I love playing. There's so much that can be done with them, and they just seem to have overall stagnated over the course of these past few years, and I think they deserve better. If I got this position, I would definitely look forward to working with the other people that care just as much about unathi and love writing lore and worldbuilding as much as I do. I'd love to work alongside the noble lorepeople of Aurora to create something that everybody can love, whether you play Unathi or just work alongside them on the station.

Additional Comments
I just love the Unathi, and I want to help others love them too :)

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Heyo! Right now just the applications for Unathi Developer are open. Did you want to apply for Unathi Developer instead? Otherwise I can leave this application open until an unathi developer is selected to consider a deputy application.

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3 hours ago, Mofo1995 said:

I can leave this application open until an unathi developer is selected to consider a deputy application.

This was my intent when I submitted my app, and I would be very appreciative if we left it open for precisely that reason :)

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