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Commendation Report 24/11/2462

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Reporting Personnel: Nadine Vehalmara

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Chief Engineer

Game ID: b0h-bjhr

Commended Personnel:

Caius Strelitz (Security Officer)

Kuzani Tez'rezal (CSI)

Kris Broklaw (Warden)

Katheryn Linerbord (Security Officer)

Ciborium (Pharmacist)

Azzam Amari (Station Engineer)

Fiona Petrov (Engineering Apprentice)


Nadine Vehalmara (Chief Engineer) - She was one of the main organizers of the welcoming effort and personally witnessed every single person on the list either talking down the refugees, getting food and water, providing direct translations and so much more. It was gratifying to see.

Cheshire (Chief Medical Officer) - Can attest to the efforts of their subordinate Ciborium, in alleviating the refugee crisis and the TCFL forces sent to the Aurora, as they were in dire need of medical supplies.

Xiaooi Tuirul'Koqun (Head of Personnel) - Was here from the start with this one and could attest at the very least to Warden Broklaw's efforts as an interim. They heard and were witness to some of the first exchanges as well such as officer Caius Strelitz opening a dialogue with the first refugee found.

Time of Commendable Act: Starting from an hour into the shift, as soon as we received the alert about the refugee shuttle approaching.

Location of Act: The Aurora


There is a lot to say here! She came into the shift expecting to keep the lights on and station stable until the next cycling and instead heard a notification over the PA. A notification that for lack of a better option, we had a ship full of refugees coming straight to the Aurora. A welcome was prepared, which her engineers were key to developing. During this, she was instated as the Acting Captain to better manage the station during these circumstances, as we were a skeleton crew with no security and very few of us. Should a disaster have occurred, we would have had to be ready to call for the security presence Central said was on standby. 

It came to light that the refugees docked in a place we did not expect. The merchant dock. An officer and a CSI woke up shortly after this, and then the Head of Personnel called out that they found a refugee. Officer Caius Strelitz went to meet them, and had the help of Engineer Amari providing translations and helping to bolster our friendly intentions. During this time the Pharmacist Ciborium was also providing translations, and the refugee eventually went to medical to get a checkup. This one provided circuit translators during this circumstance to key members of the crew, like Strelitz and Tez'rezal . Those who could not speak Sol Common, essentially.

As the shift went on... more and more reports of refugees were being called out on the radio. Ultimately, there were six of them. Only a few were amenable to us. Most ran and scattered on being sighted, others were capable enough to hack into secure areas and obtain items such as a fire axe that could be used as deadly weapons. More and more crew members also woke up, mainly from the security department. Despite her pleads over the announcement system and the efforts of the rest of the crew, it did not seem like we were going anywhere... then things changed a bit.

The refugees were scattered at first, but eventually, came together. Most holed up in the surface garden. Armed. Afraid. Security forces on the scene successfully talked them down and managed to move them to the brig without firing a single shot. Which was impressive, truly. These refugees were a family and were fed lies about the tyranny and evil of NanoTrasen and the Republic. They thought they were walking into torture, or death, so they were fully prepared to fight and run. It is a miracle nobody got seriously hurt during this incident. While in the brig, they were tended to with care, informed of the situation, printed and processed as procedure and given more food and drink, as it was clearly rather exhausting and traumatizing to them.

Eventually, with that taken care of. The TCFL sent our station a call, asking for any medical supplies we could muster. There was a crisis, and they needed all the help they could get. Everyone was more than happy to oblige of course. Cheshire and Ciborium gathered up the bulk of what we gave the Legion. She is sure with those medical supplies they will do okay.

She'll really break down the efforts on the part of each individual here in detail now.

Caius Strelitz - As she said. Instrumental in assisting with the de-escalating talks. The first officer that woke up. Remained the rest of the shift and kept things under control while those who could communicate in Sol Common opened dialogues with the refugees. Really, a core part of the effort and we would have been very worse off if they did not awake that shift.

Kuzani Tez'rezal - Backed up the rest when it came to processing and handled the scenes of break ins with care. Printed the refugees as procedure and was part of the effort in easing up the wayward Solarians. Was also on the cameras and called out any locations to officers when needed. They also handled one of the more amenable refugees and sat down with them, having an earnest talk to calm them down. One of the "backbones" of that day, she thinks is the word? Appeciated.

Kris Broklaw - Led the department during the incident once they awoke. Participated in de-escalating talks actively thanks to their knowledge of Sol Common. Instrumental in actually moving the refugees from the garden, to security. Without any incident. Processed them with the help of the rest. Was promoted to Interim Commander and did very well in communicating with us over command. Had control of the situation from start to finish.

Katheryn Linerbord - Assisted with the secure area breach investigations and was a key player in the de-escalating talks at the garden, as they have knowledge of Sol Common. Nadine was rather distressed at the thought of one of the refugees potentially being a dangerous element, considering the breaches on the bridge and the thievery of an axe, but, despite it all. Managed to get the group down and calm, like she said. Doubt things would have went well without them, truly.

Ciborium - Knew Sol Common, helped with the first dialogues and managed to keep some refugees busy in medical for a while. They were an active effort in communicating, calming people down and assisting with the TCFL when it came to supplies, they are the one who makes these after all. She will also note that their efforts resulted in a blow to their own head at the hands of one of the refugees that was spooked, but they kept it from escalating further. They did not need to try to help as much as they did, but they did try, and it had results.

Azzam Amari - Essentially this one's right hand when it came to engineering matters. Nadine was far too busy with managing the entire station at this point, focusing on the bigger picture. Amari was instrumental in resecuring areas that were broken into as engineering at the time was a very small force, she would not have been able to spare the time. Additionally, they provided active help in the first set of dialogues, as they knew Sol Common and were able to communicate with the refugees. Without them, she is really not sure if this would have been a success at all, really.

Fiona Petrov - Held down the fort in engineering. Laid out the welcome mat for the refugees. Participated in obtaining food and drinks for those weary souls. They were another in engineering who was very appreciated to have. Despite being just an apprentice, they did a lot of good work that they really did not need to do, yet they did. Very nice.

Lastly, she just has to express just how proud she was everyone that shift. We were a small crew, even at the end. A skeleton crew still. This one was just starting her first real shift on the Aurora. Of course, she has years of experience with NT and was familiar with the station, but it was rather overwhelming at times. Everyone kept her grounded. She is very glad that practically every single crew member took part in alleviating the crisis, with nobody getting hurt as well. They did not just do their jobs, they went above and beyond and showed empathy, compassion and understanding to a group of Solarians that have been exploited and taken advantage of by their own government and military forces. Some were even Martian. Now these refugees may very well turn into productive citizens and employees, given time. During these days, the efforts they showed is something that should absolutely be recognized and she hopes every single person she listed is given the commendations they deserve. They have earned it. To think she was fed hearsay about the bad conduct of Aurora's staff, it is not all true clearly, considering they came together like this so well to help their fellow sapients. They all have Nadine's eternal admiration, truly.

Additional Notes: This one was going to commend various people in situation reports, but at a certain point she just lacked all time to send even a single fax after her last one. Additionally, the shift was rather hectic. She is not sure if the refugees can be spoken with again, but if they can. They would also be apt witnesses.

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