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Accessories can be inspected now

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Hello fellow Aurorians,


since the devs gave us the gift to inspect items that are worn by someone something has always bothered me. Some people cover their items in accesories, attachments, patches, all the like. Some things read very interesting yet I cannot click on accessories to inspect them further, like other items like pants, shirts, suits, etc. I have a peanut brain and have no idea if it is even possible to change this since I please want to look at every patch and pin tag closely and read the (probably) extensive description people have put on them. But if it can be possible, please make it so.

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Then the entire system is broken. When you click on an item someone is wearing and switch to the Examine tab you can read the entire description. Alas, it does not make sense to not be able to read whats on patches or or pin tags, which is what descriptions normally provide


Additionally why wouldnt it make sense? A description....describes the item, when looking at it. Of course you should be able to read the description, as it is now, except accessories.

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An example would be as loadout rules stand, you cannot have your name affixed to its name, but you can put an embroidered name in on the coat lining, or the inside of someones shoes to show that it belongs to X.

As I understand it, the description text is meant to hold more personalized, detailed text thats only meant to be seen on close inspection?

Although it does seem like a problematic thing tooo.. Fix?  Tweak? Like a jacket that looks like shit, or a book thats all fucked up would be sticking out like a sore thumb as opposed to a tiny picture that says "ily<3" in tiny text on the back.

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I think this would be a great addition because yeah, as things currently stand, writing custom descriptions for things attached to other articles serves no purpose unless you specifically detach it and hand it over to someone for them to examine. That might be a necessity for things like showing someone the contents of a locket, but if you're wearing a pin or patch that's meant to have easily visible features then it's not really accomplishing its reason for being. As for what's reasonable to be seen at a distance, I feel that you have to leave at least some of that discretion up to a player (or use descriptors like "if you get up close X can be seen") alongside an expansion on the rule against putting character name in item names/descriptions.

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I cannot see the problem, honestly, Prate. There are rules against that....I think? And I agree with Shenaanigans that you have it up to player discretion. Not like it makes an impact anyway, honestly. You can, of course, mechanically divide it by dividing the description into "general", can be seen at any distance really and "closer inspection" that only pops up when you hold it and inspect it. But I think that would be a bit too much honestly.


Again, it isnt a real problem with any other item, since this is how it works right now. I just want to click accessories like patches and see what patches, pins or other stuff people have on their jackets or so.


To bring up a specific example: I have a character that wears a golden pin tag. The description says "A golden pin tag with the name XYZ neatly engraved on it.". Right now - it serves no purpose. People can clearly see the pin tag and what is engraved on it, yet since they cannot inspect it, it theoretically serves absolutely zero purpose. I hope you understand what I mean and why I want this changed.

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