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Hearse's Jaw.

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Byond key: sinfulbehaviors
Discord key: SinfulBehaviors
Character Name: Hearse
Item name: Hearse's Jaw 
Item function(s): An aesthetic mask slot item to make it appear that he's missing synth skin on his face.
Item description: The exposed jaw of the forensic technician.
Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Well, it's his jaw.
How did your character obtain this item: Being owned by a very lenient and nice woman, Hearse has been allowed to make changes to his appearance, and one of those decisions he's made is to strip the skin from his nose and mouth area, revealing the jaw underneath, a slight nod to the fact that he's only ever worked in death related work.
What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Aesthetic changes are little bit of freedom that he enjoys, and being able to change his 
Sprites: image.png.ccf1a4b8c5fc45b993af956ec84e1a6e.pngimage.png.51217af1029f7efd655c439640fecbe8.pngimage.png.3587dba05deaeaffff777a5b7ea98035.png
Additional Comments: I've attached the DMI files below. I would also need it to be flagged as unremovable so it can't be stolen or removed on death.


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While the custom item is quite creative, me and Prate do have some questions.

1. Why would Hearse expose their jaw like that? Personally, I find it a little bit strange that of all things a shell would do is expose their face, of all things. I get that it's Hearse's way to use their freedom of expression, but I'd like to know if there's further reasoning to this.

2. It's a little bit iffy to implement this, considering its an alteration of Hearse's (synth)skin rather than something they would actually wear. While making it unremovable seems like a reasonable way to implement that, I still think making it a piece of clothing mechanically is still not the best way for something like this to be implemented. Maybe we could try and find a way to implement this as body markings together? 

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