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Sycmos V2

Staff Complaint - 1/2/2021

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BYOND Key: Sycmos
Staff BYOND Key: Alberyk
Game ID: No game ID available, round which incident occurred happened November 19th, 2020 sometime before 11PM EST.

Reason for complaint: Approximately ten to twenty minutes into the most recent round (game ID: b0V-akk5) Alberyk opened a ticket with me and asked if I was the Dominian character Tidus Zhao. I confirmed that was me, to which Alberyk was quick to (rightfully, mind you) criticize me for the inappropriate behavior that occurred during said round and applied a warning. I would be more than willing to take said warning having risked the biscuit for a joke had the aforementioned incident not happened a month and a half ago and already made its way through Aurora's social channels (Relay, Security Discord, Lore Discord) as an IC meme without consequence. Meria Volvalaad's player, Hepatica01, was in on the joke from the beginning and took no offense to its spread, nor did anyone else approach me regarding any negative feelings on what occurred up until I was messaged by Alberyk. While I realize that it was sitting on the fence between what is appropriate and what is not regarding server rules nobody was sincerely offended or made uncomfortable and I had no intention besides enabling crude humor and I had reason to believe it had been passed by until now. I had never been spoken to about what occurred nor am I aware that I have any notes regarding the matter so I was under the impression it was not an issue until said round and the following warning.

Evidence/logs/etc: Attached photo is the date which the original meme image was created, shortly after the round had ended, and the meme itself.

Additional remarks: For the 6-year-history of my account on the server I've only received two warnings, one of which was for disconnecting as antag during a sudden power outage (which I had admittedly forgot to address and appeal after the fact) and the one I most recently received. My intent has only ever been to engage in fun, enjoyable RP with other members of the community and foster a more open, welcoming environment for newer players. I would not do something like this unless it was for laughs.




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From the rules:


ERP, also known as Erotic RolePlay, is not allowed on the server. While displays of romantic affection and romantic scenes are acceptable, scenes of a clearly sexual intent will be broken up. (Again, use common sense for this. Sexual tension up to a point is acceptable - sexual acts in themselves are not.)

I must say that asking for someone to step on your character like that is really crossing the line of what is acceptable. Even more when taking in consideration the file name and how your character reacted after being shoot on the groin with the pistol.

The fact it happened a month or so ago does not matter, just because something escaped the attention of staff due to neglect or because we did not see does not matter. We are not talking about a year or so here. This only really got my attention after someone asked me about this, I was kinda unsure, so I talked with other admins about what they did think, and they did agree that this was too much.

The fact that people are not offended also does not matter. I think it breaks the rules. The rules are not here to prevent people from being offended. Going around asking for people to step on your character like that breaks the rules do not matter if everyone or no one thinks ill of it.

Sorry but this is not proper at all and should not happen in game, even if it was just for a joke or a meme.

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Yeah sorry man but it being a month old is not really relevant. We investigate stuff soon as we are aware of it and we take appropriate action. Whether or not everyone was comfortable with it also does not magically make something that is against our rules suddenly not against the rules. The warning is appropriate. 

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