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Status and Future of the AI

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2 hours ago, Menroka said:

The only possible problem I can see are very robust antags, like changelings, because now they are protected under the "Safeguard sapient life on board" law. The AI would have to ensure, that they are captured alive, instead of killed. The AI could make an exception, when a live capture is "infeasible" and would "likely" lead to more dead sapients, however this is ambigous and will lead to problems at some point.

It wont really be a problem. The AI/borgs arent meant to kill people, thats the crew's job :^)

The AI/borg wouldnt go out of its way to ensure the target is taken alive, because law 2 and 3 would just cancel eachother out, making the synth take no action.

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I think, I understand it a little bit better now. That "assist" in law 2 is pretty crucial in this manner, since it prevents any kind of interference with the crew, unless stated otherwise by someone higher in the chain of command. I think, the laws are pretty good!

If cyborgification was an option, that would apply to the crew as well, making cyborgification of Assistants/Visitors/any non-crew a tempting course of action. This can even be justified under law 2, since Cyborgs have the same laws as the AI, therefore Cyborg are assisting the crew, therefore turning Assistants/Visitors/any non-crew into Cyborgs is assisting the crew. This can ofcourse be stopped by someone saying no, but it would be kind of annoying.

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changed Assistants to Assistants/Visitors/any non-crew
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Removing the AI and 'borgs from being capable of harming most antags is a good change since it'll force 'borgs/AI to try more diplomatic approaches against them, but also please don't forget my law changes, they're super important to consider

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