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Hartree–Fock analysis on the Strata of FireNightPower's Ingame Characters

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I'm in need of critique for my quality of character. In which I have received numerous reports over years of distinguished SS13 field service that I am a complete and total unintentional whac-a-mole/Christian Slater (Clarence) from True Romance. I would try to retain good character, but I appear to without realizing it, release a large magnetic explosive joker syndrome immersion breaking laughing gas on certain and somewhat frequent scenarios. So I believe that if I would retain some sort of reputation of being absolutely skateboard-ish, I would like to request a consistent review from the Aurora playerbase on my character for each round that I play as well as an immersion break tick as I'm unsure if I'm just naturally out of my socks.
Current charter of my active characters:
Willy Whirlow - Psychologist
Wayne Schoeffler - Detective
Tommy Mengros - Janitor
Schroder Mcgavin - Security Cadet
Toby Meissner - Engineer Apprentice
Will Rosenberg - Detective
Roy Nugent - Quartermaster
Turk Grovien - Security Officer
Keith Pliskin - Scientist
Stanley Hogarth - Librarian
Dennis Lemoy - Assistant
Werner Bronson - Assistant
Please work with me here.


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