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Give Cargo Techs Access to Use The Crusher

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As it says on the tin. CTs can already easily access the crusher, it's right there, and they used to manage the entire disposals process before. Give them crusher access so they can handle the station recycling system fully. 

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4 hours ago, Carver said:

I have deep concerns about the potential misuse this may open up among a role infamous for being available to any kind of character.

Gonna need to ask you to expand on that. What examples of misuse can you bring up? 

4 hours ago, Yaku said:

I think operating the crusher should remain the janitors job.  Since its the janitors job to clean and maintain the station.

The janitor can still do it and use it if they wish. I just want the option to be open to CTs as well, given that resource management and gathering is also a part of cargo. 

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Let us now forget that the janitor role is the same tier as cargo tech in regards to memery and easy access for base level characters. 

I think it's fine for the CTs and the QM to have access unless there's like an obvious route for abuse.

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Voting for dismissal.
We hand out access based on the tasks a job is expected to perform.
As cargo technicians are not involved in the "station recycling system", they do not have a need to access the crusher.

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Hmm I guess not. I was going to say part of their job was filtering the good stuff from the trash but that's actually a very old responsibility from the old map, unless the mail room still does that? I don't actually remember.

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The mail room still exists, but its only connected to the "Mail Chute" aft of the bar.
(Other things that are tagged via destination tagger might end up there, but it is pretty much unused nowadays)
The trash goes directly into the crusher.

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10 hours ago, canon35 said:

Gonna need to ask you to expand on that. What examples of misuse can you bring up? 

Crushing things that aren't trash. Cargo's job is mail and crate-hauling, if it doesn't go on or come off from a shuttle they shouldn't be touching it.

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