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Give First Responders general department access

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What it says! I genuinely think that first responders should be allowed basic access to all departments. The amount of times medical has lost someone because the first responders either couldn't get in, or were delayed in doing so is extremely high. Personally, when I take CMO and there's a captain or HoP I generally file a request to have first responder's access raised anyways, so it isn't like this is unheard of especially when Janitors or Reporters have this.

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Hard agree. I used to always beg HoPs or some other command member for this when I consistently played EMT as well. Maybe some will consider this a good interaction, but it just feels strange having less departmental access than the station janitor.

Maybe if this isn't fine, giving medics some dedicated breaching tool could be a fine alternative. At the moment they do get the toolbox and such and whatever they find, but something like a halligan bar rather than the usual fire extinguishers or maglights would be interesting.


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I was immediately surprised and disappointed upon playing First Responder for the first time that they didn't have general department access. Having to bash at the door of a department, or worse, clawing it open with a crowbar is ridiculous for someone who is responsible for stabilizing and exfiltrating patients to safety and proper medical aid. General department access, or at least a halligan bar or pneumatic tool that can pry open powered airlocks is necessary.

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The problem with that reasoning "they need it to save people" is that it can be used for a lot of other jobs aswell.
I can see the same reasoning easily be used for security and possibly for engineering.
(We already have that issue with maint access to some extension)

Imho the department in question is to blame if they do not send someone to the door to let the first responders in.
Personally I would prefer to just get rid of the janitor access and call it a day.

A "futuristic" alternative that might be worth exploring would be something like that:
Add a button labeled "enable emergency access" to the suit sensors console, if a person has location tracking enabled and they are in critical condition.
Pressing that button would grant the first responders temporary access to the basic areas of the relevant department.

With the NBT, we might explore other options to temporarily grant access to specific areas of the map.
However that is something that is still being investigated. (Bridge Crew / Remote door control)

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Okay, really hot take here:

Access bounded with/to IDs is a flawed system and I found it always very strange. Why not do the following: IDs are what it says - cards to identify someone. They dont have any use on doors or access in general. This gets outsourced to, can you guess the super sci fi answer? Access keycards. What's the difference you ask? Simple - these access keycards are only for sensitive areas. The Supermatter Engine, Command obviously. Head offices, armoury, etc (exact areas pending).

So what's the difference? Well, for one, it's easier to forge a keycard - stealing IDs is always something that draws attention in some way. forging or manipulating a keycard is way more subtle. Second, the age old access question for who gets where is (partially) solved. Everyone just has basic department access. What speaks against it anyway? there is not much in the, for example engineering lobby that can be meddled with and if - maybe a small remap is needed. You could even go further and make it so that you actually have to swipe your keycard for these secured doors either on a device or on the door itself, so you need maybe a second or two to open them. 

"But Lanze, this is not realistic."

Why not? Example - I am working in a (military) hospital. There are security areas but you either get buzzed in (something that wouldnt work with Aurora, obviously) or we use our access card. But even then, with a tiny bit of effort people could gain access to these areas relatively easily but they stick out. Someone will notice them because they are out of place. Something that would be similar here.


My two cents on the whole debate, honestly.

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Research and Security are (accessibility-wise) the worst offenders in this regard and the best reasons to implement this. They routinely need paramedics and even though we usually give them forewarning that we're coming hardly anyone ever open the doors until their injured party is either dead or not far from it. Not that I blame them - it's difficult to keep track of these things in an emergency, but they shouldn't even have to. This should all be accounted for on a station with a winding history of workplace accidents and hostile takeovers. Some people would argue that it's necessary for interaction but I'd argue that it's an irritating, completely unnecessary step in what should be a seamless process. Halligan bars shouldn't be essential equipment for a rescue in your own house.

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The idea of changing the access system to something more nuanced than just "you spawn in with access to X places based on your job" does appeal to me and sound much more interesting than what we have now, but I wouldn't say it makes a case for why EMTs shouldn't get this increased access while that's developed. It makes no sense that janitors have more access than EMTs and, no, I don't think that means janitors should be given less. Both have reasons to be in the general portion of a department and I don't see any real downside, so, why not? +1

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As for this specific suggestion, there is very little reason for the First Responder not to have increased access. I then recommend that Lanze/Ping make a separate suggestion post for the unique idea that he presented in his thread, as that idea also seems pretty neat (but warrants its own discussion).

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I remember arguing in an older version of this same suggestion that, in the vein of what Arrow's first paragraph or so mentioned, there's no reason not to just give this access to a plethora of other roles as well (Eng/Sec). I'm for general access being free-er, but not handing the keys to just another singular role,

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+1 As someone that plays science, I don't understand why FRs don't have this. It's really easy to zone out green radio for a few minutes when doing some project, and realize some poor FR is annoyed they can't get in, and have to rush to the door. I've never really felt the same urgency for access when it comes to engineers or security. As First responders are in a hurry, there's very little RP going on, just distraction from projects on my part, and frustration from medical's.

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