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Staff Complaint - Garnascus

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BYOND Key: Menown
Staff BYOND Key: Garnascus
Game ID: N/A
Reason for complaint:

My previous complaint regarding my former warning resulted in the warning being removed and a new one being placed. The issue is that the new one has resulted in an increase of points against me, as the former warning was only one point, meaning either I did something else wrong to warrant an increase in punishment, or the warning was once again fucked up when it was placed. Regardless, I'd like this investigated given the sudden increase in points against me.

Evidence/logs/etc: image.png.a2f6c5de7614f5dbb011b1055109c48d.png
Additional remarks:

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The warnings panel for these forums have generic offences you can select from. I didnt know some of them where weighted differently. Oh well, i revoked it and gave you one worth 1 point. Anything else? 

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