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Unban Request Ckey Alexanderself1

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BYOND Key: Alexanderself1
Total Ban Length: Permanent
Banning staff member's Key: Rushodan (?)
Reason of Ban: Injected someone with space drugs as antag with no rp whatsoever. (this is not the official ban reason but I don't know how to check it without opening up Aurora on Byond)
Reason for Appeal: I like Aurora and I have repeatedly failed to RP because going from any non-hrp server that you spent a long time at to a server where you have to follow tight and close rules is a big change that I really messed up. I believe that if given another chance I could follow the rules and fix my terrible reputation.

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Sorry about the delay, I am British and you posted this while I slept.

Okay - my concern about unbanning you is that it has not been very long since you have received your perma. You were banned on the 2021-01-22 (about two weeks ago) for getting a bunch of notes in a short amount of time. I am willing to unban you, but not this soon. I suggest you get familiar with the rules, consider if you will be able to stick to them and then re-appeal on the 20/02/2021 (just under a month in total) if you believe you've improved in that short span of time.

Post below letting me know if you agree with this. If so, I will close this appeal and will expect you to re-appeal on the aforementioned date (or anytime after).


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