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Feedback thread - a few new gun sprites

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I like that the design for that .45 Kyres showed a while ago has pretty much modified and used for the carbine. Makes it seem more like the one handed weapon it is in-game anyway.

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I'm still not a fan of the colour choice (given my x-com comparison earlier), but the new lasers do look exponentially less toy-ish at the least. A significant improvement.

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In order from left to right

Grenade launcher, lawgiver, laser shotty, combat shotty
Bullpup, 9mm smg, LWAP, plasma shotgun
Plasma bolter, laser rifle, ecarbine, ecarbine lethal
energy rifle

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They look certainly nice enough, my only critique being that the trigger on the Lawgiver seems a bit... unergonomic? As though it weren't designed with the grip in mind whatsoever.

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I'm not a fan of the white plastic-y feel, and I think the sprites seem a bit too wide compared to how long they are, but it is a marked improvement. Overly bulky/unwieldy guns is a sci-fi troupe that always bugs me, even in my favorite games.

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Like the new additions. I feel like we were at a distinct need for actual sci-fi looking sci-fi guns, rather than another dark turd with brown highlights that dissapears when you put it on the maint floor, and turns into a vague mass when placed next to other guns.

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Alright, I'm not entirely sure how to handle this, because I don't want to come off as a dick, but I have very strong opinions on this. These weapons are...mixed. Some of these are really good, but some of them are really...not. 

First things first, the aesthetic. I'm not opposed to the more plastic-y designs, but I think they're too bright. I agree with Schwann that they look like toys, but the overall idea is fine. On the other hand, the ballistics are iffy. The beige-ish brown that .45s have at the moment is, imo, incredibly ugly. But I can't exactly group them all into this paragraph because, well...

Second, consistency, or rather the fact that there kind of isn't any. Previously, there were two consistent aesthetics. For energy weapons, you had a lot of deep blacks and greys with glowing blues, reds, or greens. For ballistics, you had gun metal and wood. Easy, simple, fairly common sense. But now, some energy weapons are white, some are brown, some of the ballistics are brown (???) and some of them look like they're made of aluminum, the pump shotgun is designed like a weird cross between the laser rifle and the .45, and it's just messy. I'd recommend picking a specific aesthetic for the ballistics and energy weapons and sticking with it. Besides making them look better, they'll also be way easier to read on the fly.

For more other criticisms I haven't addressed yet: besides the sniper, all the blasters are not improvements, The bullpup is fairly janky in the actual bullpup part. The grenade launcher feels...flat, kinda simplistic. The energy rifle feels fairly bulbous, the Uzi looks worse than the previous version, the tommy gun has lost most of it's aesthetic, the pocket rifle is just a sorta big pistol. And, well, the big one: The Lawgiver and ECarbine...are dreadful. I don't know what criticism I can give to those, quite honestly, because I think the whole design is bad. The ECarbine almost looks like a Zip 22.

For full favor of not being entirely negative, there are some changes I really like. The bolter and plasma shotty are very good, The shape and model of the revolvers and .45s are really good even if I hate the coloring, the bolt action and obrez are VERY good, and the auto revolver is FUCKING INCREDIBLE. 

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