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Another One Bites The Dust

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Howdy Aurora. Gonna probably not be posting on the forums or playing again for a long while. I've tried to cling on to what I have left here for a while, but honestly, I've just fallen out of love with Aurora.

Everything and everyone that I felt made this place special to me is either gone or I can't bring myself to love it the same as I did. I can not remember the last time I played a round of actual extended on this HRP server, and with people constantly mocking the very idea of actually being able to canonically role play ever, I think it's time for me to move on for now.

Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't, but I'm honestly not in the headspace for this place anymore. There's a lot of toxicity about and the fellow playerbase feels less and less welcoming by the day, and the only big announcements I ever see nowadays are people leaving - and I guess I'm becoming one of those. My absence is arguably less significant than that of a lore writer or a developer, but regardless, I've watched everything I loved about Aurora slowly trickle away over these past few...well..months, really. 

It really hurts to leave, since this was the first ever SS13 server I played on, but I don't think I can bring myself to do anything but observe and maybe browse on occasion. I tried making new characters, playing new roles, anything; but the amount of hostility and how rare it is to get a round of extended without the whole server erupting in a fit of tears, I really feel there's nothing left for me here. If it's not everyone bitching about extended, they're bitching about how they didn't get the antag gamemode they wanted, or whatever the hell. It's not an environment that I enjoy being in any longer.

Regardless, I might still post art in my thread on occasion, but other than that, I'll only be reachable on Discord for commissions or something. Love you, Aurora, and I really hope to be back someday, you've been so so so good to me and it breaks my heart to have to put everyone and everything behind me - even if my time here was already brief. 

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