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CCIA Appeal - Cart Kanara

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Appealing Personnel: Cart Kanara
Specific Incident:

Action taken as a result: Suspension

Action contested:  Suspension (4 months until appeal) 

Reasoning for contest:

Four months have passed since the conclusion of Incident Report in question. During this period of time, I have dedicated myself to recovering my mental state to be capable of once more acting as a Representative of the NanoTrasen Corporation both aboard the NSS Aurora and in my day to day activities within the greater community as a whole. During this period of time I have made several visits to NanoTrasen supported psychologists and have taken time to reflect on the poor decisions I made during those months. I acknowledge that I had acted poorly and did stop to think about the possible repercussions such actions could have. Were I to repeat those months I would have ensured better clarity and rectified my unwillingness to seek out help and support for the tragic events that had befallen several of the crew instead of believing that I could carry the mental strain myself and still be fit to represent the Corporation as a whole.


As I am incapable of redoing that period of time, I will instead opt to ensure yourselves that such reflectiveness will be a goal of mine going forward into 2463 and beyond. 



Thank you for your consideration.

Additional notes:  N/A

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To: Cart Kanara
From: CCIA Division of Appeals
Subject: Appeal 1/03/2463



After thorough review of your appeal, it has been decided that you be reinstated to the body of staff eligible for liaison duties on board Nanotrasen vessels as of today. 


DTG: 03-09:52-TAU CETI STANDARD-03-2463

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