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Player Complaint - Joey Miami/CarsonEagle

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BYOND Key: Roostercat12
Game ID: 

caU-ddXq/caU-dBiY - This is the changeling round. Unfortunately, I am not sure WHICH of these two it is, only that it is one of them due to discord not stating the time posts are made after 24 hours.

ca2-aA9k - The welderbombing

ca3-aJ9g - More bombing.
Player Byond Key/Character name: CarsonEagle
Staff involved: Witchbells was involved for the welderbombing round, No idea who was for the other rounds.
Reason for complaint: Extremely poor antagonist play.

Joey Miami's player, CarsonEagle, has consistently played an antagonist very poorly over the past few weeks, and it has come to the point where I have no confidence they will change, and thus decided to make this complaint. They have stated that they think they are in the right with these instances, which screenshots will show below, and I think CarsonEagle should be banned from antagonist play until he can somehow prove he can properly do it. Instead of a huge paragraph, I will state three separate instances I have round ID's and/or evidence for. There have been many more examples than these, but I lack the evidence beyond anecdotal and I believe three examples is enough to show he should not be allowed to play antagonist.

caU-ddXq/caU-dBiY - The changeling

This round is present due to Joey Miami's changeling play. The round started, and at about 7 minutes into the round, Joey Miami had decapitated the chef with an armblade. At this point he was, of course, found out and immediately ran into maintenance, hiding in a locker for most of his time until security finally found said locker, detained him, and put him into xenobiology. I do not find it very hard to see how this is poor antagonist play. With seven minutes, there is no way the chef mentioned had anywhere near enough roleplay or escalation to justify such a fast death, and the running and hiding in a locker for a lot of the round did not at all help the image, as no roleplay was done in this time either (granted, this could have been due to dealing with an ahelp).


ca2-aA9k - Welderbombing

During this round, around three welderbombs were detonated, at least one by Joey Miami - I am not POSITIVE the other two were him, only pretty sure - and they completely devastated the station. To my knowledge, not a great amount of escalation was done, and this was another very early big move. Allegedly started at 27 minutes into the round or thereabouts. They blew up most of medical, killing a good amount of people, and vented most of the station and more or less ruined the entire round. I know the least about this round.

Allegedly at some point in the round he explained himself in dchat like this, which further makes me believe he does not have the correct mindset to be playing antagonist. It suggests he didn't really care about any roleplay or story, but instead just wants to "blow shit up". If he actually said this, it will show up in the round logs. 


ca3-aJ9g - Implant bombing 

During this round, CarsonEagle played as a burglar doing a gimmick in the holodeck. At some point one officer decided to suddenly teargas him. He then detonated an implanted bomb, killing around ten people. While this does sound valid, my main issue here is his reasoning for doing so, and I have evidence in the form of screenshots this time of him saying things in dchat. His reasoning for detonating the implant was that, because sec "ruined his gimmick", he felt he was obligated to ruin the entire round, as in for everyone playing, by detonating a bomb and venting the station. The wording is what I believe is important here, he didn't want to kill the sec officer that tried to arrest him, he wanted to ruin the round instead.


The screenshot below is to show the part about the one officer acting alone.



During this entire argument he kept using the excuse "im just memeing" to justify his actions for both this round and others, which both makes no sense and is not a valid justification for repeated poor antag play.

These are, again, but three examples in a long line of poor antagonist play, but these three are the only ones I remember actual Round ID's or have screenshots pertaining to, and only have anecdotal evidence for the rest. Anyone with further evidence is encouraged to post it pertaining to his antagonist play.


Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, because all instances were bad enough to where I was confident someone else was doing it first, and didn't want to spam the admins with ahelps. All three did result in an ahelp, but I do not know the result or who participated in any of them aside from @witchbells participating in the second.

Approximate Date/Time: 3/05/2021, 3/12/2021, 3/13/2021

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Vampire round, today, ID ca6-cVvp.

[F]|[B] DEAD CarsonEagle (Unknown died as Joey Miami) complains, "EVERYONE IS FFUCKING DEAD"
[F]|[B] DEAD CarsonEagle (Unknown died as Joey Miami) complains, "SHAHAHHAHA"

[F]|[B] DEAD CarsonEagle (Unknown died as Joey Miami) complains, "Joey "ACAB" Miami"

[F]|[B] DEAD CarsonEagle (Unknown died as Joey Miami) complains, "GAMER MODE"

[F]|[B] DEAD CarsonEagle (Unknown died as Joey Miami) complains, "GAMER JOEY"

Shuttle was on the way, he was cuffed in red dock - went hulk as a vampire and proceeded to fight the entire escape wing and seriously wound a bunch of people before dying, as hulks usually do. I believe he was made an antag after the vote, did nothing except engage in this type of behavior, and then laughs about his body count in the aftermath. Again, in service to no narrative, as what sort of narrative could one create in the waning minutes of a round? His reasoning was 'I wanted to test my abilities'.

This is repetitive behavior that says to me he's not interested in any kind of storytelling as an antag, but instead clicking people until horizontal.

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caU-ddXq/caU-dBiY - The changeling

I too have forgotten which round ID this was but I was the chef from that round. I can 100% confirm that there was practically no roleplay in the way CarsonEagle went about the beginning of the round. A summary of what happened is this: We both arrived a little late into the round (at least 0:01 and if I remember right I arrived in the kitchen around 0:02). They jumped the bar-kitchen divide after a greeting and asked if my chef wanted help. When I said no they asked "why not?" 2-3 times while slowly approaching me (I was by the chef locker). They then rushed my character down and into the main hall where I got promptly decapped.

I heavily doubt it requires explanation why decapping someone in less than 6 minutes is not ok let alone the fact that my summary is nearly a full-detail account of what happened.

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Just going to add this incredible antag play...

He speedran Captain's ID (19 min into round, broke in for it), got caught by sec, told them he had a bomb in his ass, jumped in disposals, deadman suicided in compactor.






EDIT: This is the Game ID-  ca7-cJkH

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So, the evidence posted here has shown that carson has infact been playing their antags extremely poorly. I wont lie and say they were all bad, but the vast majority were.
That alone would simply warrant an antag ban, but the abhorrent conduct both in ooc, deadchat and this very complaint painted an even worse picture.

So that being said, the punishment for this awful behaviour across the board will be a permanent ban from the server.

With that, this complaint is considered resolved.

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