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Add a method of departure that doesn't involve cryoing

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Isn't it weird how many of our characters don't live in the Odin/Aurora, and when we have to leave mid-round we cryo even though, realistically, our characters wouldn't probably do it?


I think it was @Faye <3 that once had to leave as Yhara and she said she had a lecture on Biesel. I thought that was a pretty creative excuse, which gave me an idea: In departures or a dock, add a door or a stationary small shuttle. You simply drag your sprite to the door as you would do with the cryo and you would get a similar message as stasis. Then you simply ghost and you're removed from the round. No need to see the shuttle arrive anywhere or something, the console would say '[Character] has departed in a personal shuttle.' or any similar message.


I don't know how, lore wise, it would fit better; I'm not sure how adamant we are about making the round-end shuttle the only way to leave Aurora, dead or alive. This also wouldn't replace the current cryogenics beds and all, it would just add variety.

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39 minutes ago, Desven said:

Then you simply ghost and you're removed from the round. No need to see the shuttle arrive anywhere or something, the console would say '[Character] has departed in a personal shuttle.' or any similar message.

I feel this would bring up wonky antag/crisis interactions where situations would be like "Oh shit, bad stuff/bad guys, run to the escape shuttles!"

Why would people stay behind and risk their life when they have a perfectly good shuttle readily available to swoosh them to safety?

Then again, you can do this with cryo, but overall its just.. Weird.

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I always just headcanoned that everyone in cryo just get moved onto some compartment under the shuttle, and taken onto the Odin. Then they get un-cryo'd and go on their merry way.

But yeah, maybe a departure shuttle that comes and goes semi-regularly, like the arrival shuttle, would be a decent way of handling it. Maybe make it so from Blue Alert onwards it just doesn't leave for 'safety concerns'.

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This would be neat, but I'm concerned it may be a useless addition when NBT comes. Could instead take a logical in-between approach and have cryo be moved to an area resembling a shuttle instead of just a couple random rooms on the station.

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I don't believe we should base anything on "NBT is coming soon, so this might not be usable" as it leads to stale development, in my perspective. 

We have sprites for a gateway within the Aurora code, and a slight addition to code to make it so people can return back to the Odin where they can then enter this gateway and have the following message relay:

"CharacterName has departed the NSS Aurora."

Overall, I like the idea of adding something that isn't cryogenics. People that abuse it will get their asses handed to them by the admins. 


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Why would anyone ever use the shuttle again if there is just an instant teleportation device on the Aurora. While alternative ways of departure would be welcome they just dont make sense and fuck more over than they would help. Not in favour of this -1

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Why not instead change the name/idea of cryo to like a transportation pod to a shuttle instead of some storage system. Like maybe a menu that pops up when you cryo asking if you want to enter stasis or go to a shuttle. It's just flavor really, maybe its not even really worth the extra button click tbh. I like it tho, just not the whole having to walk all the way to departures for it.

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Cryo, and leaving the round in general, is an OOC mechanic. It's not supposed to function as an in-universe method of getting off of work. Similarly, I can't support the addition of anything that works like that because it would generate an absurd amount of plot holes in rounds, more than even cryo (e.g "why do we have to use the emergency shuttle when we can just use the departure shuttles" or "why do I have to care about what the revs are doing i can just leave lol").

Voting for dismissal.

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