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Player Complaint - Dekser

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BYOND Key: Megarop
Game ID: Game ID of the round after it was cbq-dnRk
Player Byond Key/Character name: Byond Key Dekser, Character name Zissan A'Asshan
Staff involved: N/A

Reason for complaint: As a traitor, I tried to rob Zissan A'Asshan, a unathi station engineer, by first stunning them with a flash. The flash didn't work because they had welding goggles, they fended me off with unathi CQC, and even though I left them alone after that, instead of simply telling security and letting them deal with it, they acted as a vigilante; they followed/chased me into maintenance with a security officer after merely seeing me in the halls again, blocked me from running away from the officer, restrained me with a unathi CQC grab so the officer could arrest me, then attacked my head multiple times after I was stunned and being handcuffed, giving me a broken skull and a brain infection or something which made me pass out a zillion times while I was being arrested until I visited medbay.

I would describe this behavior as validhunting and I believe that it goes against the spirit of the Antagonists and Conflict section of the rules which says to "If possible, always try to flee, or disable your opponent" and "avoid playing hero" when dealing with antagonists as non-security.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? (Yes or no, then an explanation for why not, if applicable.) No, I only started typing out the ahelp near the end of the round and by the time I finished typing it up the round was about to end. I was told to make a player complaint rather than ahelp it the next round.
Approximate Date/Time: April 6 2021, 21:00-22:30 UTC+01:00

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Well, I was CMO that round and evaluated Davis' injuries. I can attest that Security was well staffed, so the aid of A'Asshan was really not needed, but also that although Unathi's claws are powerful, the damage that was caused (significant blood loss, fractured skull) was over the top. In fact I was surprised A'Asshan wasn't arrested, but to be fair security had a lot more going on and the situation became chaotic. The head is really vulnerable and by the ammount of damage made it makes me think A'Asshan tried to blind or decap Davis, to be honest. I really can't see how this behavior be excused.

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Seeing Dekser served a temporary ban the following day over the very same behavior, no further action will be taken in regards to this complaint.


The complaint is considered resolved and will be archived soon.

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