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Vaurca Med for Dummies (Like Me)

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Massive Thanks Kaizr for sending me all this data on how they work. There’s no way I could’ve written this without them.

So, you’re a doc in Medical, and the round has been going well so far. You patched up some zapped grey shirts, fixed the engineer’s eyes for the fourth time today, and the shuttle is getting called any- VAURCA DOWN IN BAR! Now, you might be thinking “Goddamnit, why?! Things were so simple! I don’t even know what a Vaurca EATS how am I supposed to fix it?!” I’ve been there, as has just about every other doc out there. I know the bipedal ants are intimidating with their weird dietary, atmospheric, and chitinous needs. But fear not! While they’re a bit more complicated, they can be saved if you keep some things in mind. And yes, I am writing this because I messed this up too. And yes, it is in part due to a lot of this stuff being spread across three or four wiki pages. Also, if your just here for tips and tricks, everything above “BUG DOWN, WHAT DO?!” is for you.

Note: this guide is based on both hard-coded variables dug up by the wonderful Kaizr, and supposition from myself. Use your best judgement with the information I’m putting forward. Also, this guide isn’t entirely NewMed friendly, though I try to provide context where possible. I’m assuming you know how the various drugs the pharmacist throws at you work. Speaking of them, I tried to keep in mind a standard drug loadout you would expect a pharmacist to give. If they’re good, you can request other stuff that is much more effective in different situations than what I talk about here. Also, since at least some of this guide is hear-say, expect a few updates as we prove/disprove stuff.

General things to keep in mind:

  • Unless its stated explicitly here, most drugs (including Nano (O-) Blood!) are Vaurca safe.
  • Any food that doesn’t have K’ois (and thus, phoron) is going to cause toxin damage in Vaurca. Don’t do it.
  • Conversely, food with K’ois is freaking awesome for them- it acts like tricord and peri rolled into one, while also restoring their phoron reserves. Note that too much food will rupture their internal tank, so try to limit the cramming.
  • Nitrogen, Dexalin and Dexalin Plus are toxic to Vaurca. Side note, about 79% of the air is Nitrogen. Don’t let them breath that. See below why this is VERY BAD!
  • Vaurca bleed 2.2x faster than a normal human, and unlike our favorite shaved apes, Vaurca don’t stop bleeding on their own. They also require drugs and food to regenerate blood, unlike everyone else who just kinda do it slowly.
  • Replace Scalpel with Drill in the initial incision for surgery. Everything else is largely the same.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Oxygen is not toxic to Vaurca, but they cannot use it without phoron in their internal storage. They should know if its running empty, so try to keep them conscious with pain meds to communicate. Keep the mask on, so they don’t die to nitrogen-induced toxic shock and suffocation.
  • Speaking of that tank, if its damaged, the Vaurca in question is going to have a hard time, even if their heart and lungs are working perfectly. Get them to a roboticist stat.
  • Lastly: Cardox. Cardox is that funny "Definitely Not a Weapon" cleaning agent that removes all phoron from anything it touches- including Vaurca. Don't let them get hit by this, and if they do, make sure to hook them up to a phoron tank quickly.

Damage Modifiers for Vaurca in Engine:

For ease of reference, these numbers modify the damage a vaurca receives from different sources. Assume that 1.0x is the baseline for a human mob. The order is Worker/Warrior/Breeder/WARFORM (I really doubt any of you crazy bastards are going to work on these, but its here regardless)

  • 0.5/0.7/1.0/0.5x brute damage (smashy or slashy things)
  • 1.5/1.2/1.0/0.1x burn damage (Lasers, shocks, and of course, fire) [Note the Warform: Sec, if you guys gotta fight these, pull out something bigger than a pistol]
  • 2.0/2.0/2.0/1.0x toxin damage (Infections, OD, MSOF, and of course, breathing normal air)
  • 0.6/1.0/1.0/(N/A)x oxy damage (Forgot to use internals, damaged lungs, YOU TOOK ITS MASK OFF, DIDN’T YOU!?)
  • 0.2/0.5/0.2/(N/A)x rad damage (SSD’ed during a radstorm, stared at the SM, made friends with a Uranium golem)
  • 1.0x genetic damage (The intern thought giving it buta/bic was a good idea, slime snuggles) [This is the same across the board]


Random, But Useful to Know Stuff:

  • Butanol reduces toxin levels notably. As in: If they ate human food by accident, give them Unathi wine. The stronger, the better. It acts like super dylovene for Vaurca. In testing, I was even able to use dexalin (Dex Plus still in testing) without the Vaurca dying. Don't do this, by the way, this was just an example of how powerful this is in the current code. Doing a wine cooler/dexalin coctail is the definition of medical malpractice.
  • Vaurca get a 3x blood regen from iron (Confirmed on a Proto, and from the words of the Devs, Sulfur doesn't do anything for them right now)
  • Internals. If you're trying to get the bug back on his phoron tank, you'll find... there is no option for internals. At all. You can't access their internal tank, so if they're really out of it, scream at engineering or cargo for a phoron tank, slap it in their hand, and NOW you can turn on the 'not die' button.
  • If you fail miserably despite your best efforts, worry not! IC, Vaurca are kind of immortal, due to their neural sockets. Get the surgeon/roboticist to rip it out to give it to the queens. Its fluffy, and gives them something to do, which most players like.
  • Inaprovaline isn’t coded to cause toxins to Vaurca, while improving oxy. Meaning it can still be used as a stabilizer to buy you time.


Okay, Cool, But WTF Does That All Mean?

Basically, what the above means to Medical Treatment is that a for a comparable injury in a human, a burn will take three times the amount of damage to heal as a smack from a comparable blunt object. This also translates into more blood going poof from a laser or energy-based attack, meaning lower oxy and no dexalin to help, something to keep in mind for stabilization. Additionally, if something toxic (LIKE DEX OR NITROGEN) is introduced to a Vaurca, expect them to be in a bad way fast. This also means that moderately and heavily damaged organs are going to be high priority fixes to prevent toxic cascade. Due to the toxin damage, infections are an even worse beast than they usually are. If there’s a burn, keep the theta handy. Interestingly, the Oxy damage when mixed with the bleed implies that while they will be at reduced oxy levels quickly, the effect on brain activity is about 40% slower, and they’ll recover from suffocation faster. In short, they basically have built in pseudo-Dexalin. This can be supplemented by inaprovaline, and (once its added in!) chest compressions if their heart/lungs have stopped. Even if you can’t get it up to Dexalin Plus levels, you still have a lot more time to treat them than with a human. And finally, Rads aren’t a huge issue to them… Unless they decide to bathe in a radstorm. At that point, it may be better just to shoot them, since a Vaurca entering MSOF is almost unrepairable due to the doubled toxic damage. Oh yeah, just in case this hasn’t been made clear- leave the mask on, and dexalin will kill.


Okay, so obviously, SS13 doesn’t lend itself well to algorithmic methods. The below is my general order of importance for “What will kill the Bug fastest?” You might notice that these bear a striking similarity to what would kill an ordinary person quickly, but with bugs, these first two need to be dealt with especially quickly. Don't be afraid to stasis bag them if you need more time to get things together.

  1.  Bleeds, leading to brain death due to low Oxy
  2.  Toxins, if present, leading to toxin cascade and MSOF (Dead bug)
  3.  Everything else.

Now then- I put the rest of this into a spoiler tag. Its my current working plan, and a lot of it will be obvious to medmains, but if your an intern relying on this, I figured I'd include something more concrete for you.

Note that during this whole plan, you’re keeping the brain up as best you can. Its easiest to do this after Step 3, since alkysine can be applied then, but its still something to keep in mind. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you know that 0% activity means a squashed bug.


1.       Stop/slow the fucking bleeding. It won’t stop on its own, and its fast. Slap 15u of Inap into them, then cover everything yellow with gauze and ATKs.

2.       Coagzolug is your friend for arterials. If you see that, get them to Surgery fast to fix it. Remember, that 2.2x bleed speed applies to arterials too, so it’s like having two for one. Do not do the Bicaridine overdose trick, the doubled toxic damage ain’t worth it unless you use dylovene too.

3.       So, the bleeding is stopped, but the oxy is still low, even lower than it has any right to be. Probably means their lungs are borked, and if they don’t have a heart beat, fix that with adrenaline. It’ll work without compressions to kickstart it. Make sure to have a surgeon poke at this if its an emergency, since Peridaxon is often too slow if the bug is in dire straits. Also, if they're trying to say phoron a lot, that probably means you need a tank of it. Ask Engineering, or steal one from EVA.

4.       Okay, so they’re not losing any more blood, and their organs can make use of it, but they’re probably not doing great, especially if a laser shot hit them. Assuming you hit them with the Inap, there’s not a lot we can do to get a quick temporary boost to oxy. Just have to raise it with O- (or Saline) IVs, and Iron pills. Note: Food also helps regenerate blood, so K'ois bars and sterilized k'ois is great for your bloodloss case. All of this is to get to that magical 85% oxy, so their brain stops trying to melt. If you have help, try to have someone do this during steps 2 and 3, and at least setup the IV during 2.

5.       All right, either you got your bug juiced up, or he didn’t loose anything to begin with. GREAT! Time to check for toxins. While not as fast to die as low oxy, this is still pretty bad. First, slap dylovene into them if they don’t have Inap. If they do, well, sucks for everyone, but its time for dialysis. Get the bad stuff (dexalin, dex plus, toxins, OD drugs) out of their blood fast with the sleeper, and make sure to keep the organs in decent shape with peri if it looks bad. Give dylo, or, if this gets proven, Butanol, to flush out the toxin damage. If they have organ damage after this, peridaxon or your friendly surgeon can help.

6.       Now that our bug is mostly stable, hit them with an alkysine IV and get that brain up as high as possible! Note, this only works for 85% oxy, so brain surgery might be required if they’re oxy was being stubborn, or you don’t have alkysine. Drag the surgeon out of GTR if you have to, since its kinda their thing. Also, brain surgery zips to the top of this list if their activity is anywhere close to thirty percent and their oxy isn’t stable yet. If it was light brain damage (Activity over 50% still) use Inaprovaline while the oxy is over 85%, just like if they’re human.

7.       Okay, we got the two worst offenders dealt with, and their brain is safe. We’re on to less pressing problems now. If it’s a burn, hit them with theta, doesn’t matter what else is going on, if the bug is infected, it much more likely to die from the toxin damage and the cascade failures that can cause. If they’re in a talkative mood, try to RP with them, since at this point, they’re largely stable and time isn’t as important as it used to be.

8.       All right, assuming the first aid you did before hasn’t cleared these, or you haven’t done this already, hit them with butazoline and dermaline as needed to clear up their non-life-threatening injuries/get them ready to have fractures and torn ligaments repaired.

Last Minute Thoughts:

So, if you got this far through my wall of string and pins, you’re either hopelessly confused, angry I forgot something, or some combination of the two. On the off chance you learned something, and haven’t gotten bored yet, I have a few parting thoughts I couldn’t fit easily into the rest of the guide. Mostly, don’t be afraid of stasis bags. We have cryotubes for a reason, so don’t worry about the genetic damage. Once they get hurt, Vaurca are on the clock, at least, more so than most other people. I would say that if they’ve lost a lot of blood, and have a ridiculously high heart rate, its time for the bag, while you get everything organized. Frankly, this could also apply to any other species since that’s a pretty bad situation across the board.


All right, hopefully you crazy guys and gals of Medical have a better understanding of this stuff, I'm going to go burn down the conspiracy board I needed just to make this.

Edited by Pedantic
Fixed Sulfur tablets, updated Resistance numbers for subspecies, PROVED GODDAMN BUTANOL!
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Not a bad starter but you may want to speak this through with one of the species lore staff, they usually are up to date on the mechanics as well.

The biggest oversight I found on my first read through is that you missed out on the fact that vaurca have three frequently played subspecies Ka, Za and Ta which all have different resistances and such.

For mechanics like sulphur and iron you may wish to test them before publishing them. There is a lot of headcanon going on with the species and even mechanics described through lore may not be implemented or functional. My suggestion would be to buy a vaurca proto corpse from cargo. It's basicly the full thing without a player and helps a lot with medical experimentation :)

If I get killed by Dex one less time this guide already was a success though and I thank you for writing it up! My vaurca usually have medical records to indicate the basic mechanics in hopes new people stumble over it and give it a read before I need treatment. Should add that you can quickly destroy a vaurca internal tank by spaming kois products on them while they are passed out.

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Posted (edited)

Gotcha- didn't think to add in the separate sub-species. I'll see about getting those up to date.

Also, I had no idea about the k'ois and the tank, going to add a disclaimer to that part and the iron until I can verify how much is too much. 

Also-Also, thwocking myself for forgetting to add in Cardox, should be in there now.

Edited by Pedantic
Forgot to mention Cardox again
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Not getting any credit for being the Vaurca that died to inspire this, smh

This looks really good, and will (hopefully) save my bugs from death in the future! Nice work!

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Finally got around to testing the butanol. Holy crap is that strong, repaired the liver and prevented death by dexalin (Dunno about dex plus). IF I hadn't gotten too curious and pulled off the mask, could've seen what else it could handle. So, yeah, if there's a lot of bugs on shift, I guess keep a bottle of Unathi wine handy.

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