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Staff Complaint - Unknown, NiennaB

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BYOND Key: Flpfs
Staff BYOND Key: Unknown, NiennaB
Game ID: Couldn't locate
Evidence/logs/etc: Posted below
Additional remarks: 
Reason for complaint: I would like to know the reasoning why a member of the staff completely unrelated to lore logged a line of conversation where I said Ryan Barrett was too poor to afford a lawyer in the transfer shuttle and reported  The reason behind this complaint is that I believe that the staff member who reported me is overstepping their authority and distorting the context of what I said, making it seem like it was not in the context of humorous banter but to humiliate the character of Ryan Barrett, it feels extremely strange that somebody singled me out, possibly all round long, simply to find any small evidence of perceived wrongdoing and to report it as lore-breaking.
I feel like the staff member who reported me did so filed the complaint in bad faith, doing so because of a personal bias against me as a player.
After writing this complaint and asking NiennaB for the round ID, I was told the individual reported me came out as a player and not as a moderator, however I am requesting a investigation to confirm if they really initially reported it as a player and this is not a simple act of this unknown staff member backtracking.

About the behavior of NiennaB, I feel like the complaint was handled improperly since they did not have the full picture and context of information, resulting in them jumping the gun at me, I do not think it is acceptable to officially discipline a player without concluding a full investigation at first and knowing all the facts pertaining to the complaint.

I would like the leader of the lore team to give an official ruling on this situation, for which I have been left in the limbo, and to decide themselves if the behavior I have shown as Swan on that round was so inappropriate it really required official administrative action.


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Added staff member to complaint
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Players as well as staff are allowed to go into a lore maintainer’s DMs in order to talk about potential character issues. I get it all the time. This is not rule breaking.

The information came to me in two parts, however I did not know at the time that there was more to come. As such, I rectified the matter. As it clearly states in the logs, even from the beginning, reaching out was not a warning nor was it a threat of losing one's whitelist.

I have spoken to you about Swan before and I saw the same behavior repeating. A corporate owned IPC should not be declaring that someone is too poor to afford a lawyer over the public radio channels. However, since it came to light that this situation was in ‘jest’ and the two have a rivalry, I took it as something not worth pursuing, even if on some level it remains questionable. 

Admins are welcome to reach out to me for screenshots pertaining to Swan’s previous behavior and the warning there.

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misread one portion.
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To clarify, this unknown is me. 

The issue that I have with your characters is that it feels like most if not all your characters from the interactions I have had have this reoccurring theme of simply saying shocking things for funny value even during inappropriate times. The simplest way to describe your characters from my own interaction is that they are played in a way to "shitpost" whenever possible. When it comes to your character Swan, I cannot tell if they're supposed to be human-like based on how they interact with people or robot-like with how ruthless and aggressive they can be. Again, that is my personal opinion.

I have reported your characters in the past if I do witness anything I feel is improper, just like I do for anyone else in the community when I feel like something improper is being done. 

Did I as you've stated in another discord watch you for an entire round just to get you in a gotcha moment? No, as I was busy playing the round. To be completely frank, watching you or anyone for an entire round is really one of the last things I ever intend to do in the context of log scraping

Did I to an extent not deliver everything relevant in a single burst? Yes, I got distracted briefly. Did I make sure to deliver it to ensure full context is provided? Yes. Did the lore developer correct what was said per your own screenshots? Yes.

Is this an official ruling of sorts on my part? No, I highlight whenever I'm coming to another staff member that is outside my lane whether I am as a moderator or as a player, because this highlights the severity and context of what I'm saying. 

If your concern that my opinion on how you play your characters will effect how I treat you from the perspective of a moderator, then all I have to say that it does not. I think my work in this community over the years speaks for itself in that regard. I'm allowed to have personal opinions on other peoples characters, and I'm also allowed to excuse myself from moderation issues if I feel like I'm far too biased to deal with something impartially. 

I think you're overexaggerating some plot where there are staff out to get you.

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I am not entirely clear on one point here. What made you think you where being targeted when you did not even know who reported you? 

5 hours ago, Aboshedab said:

Did I to an extent not deliver everything relevant in a single burst? Yes, I got distracted briefly.

"briefly" being the operative word here. Nienna is a part of the lore team but even i have to say it looks like nienna corrected herself before you had a chance to respond flpfs. I do not really see anything wrong here in regards to abosh's conduct. We generally have players or even staff send lore devs DMs of stuff that may or may not be against RP of that particular species. They are way better equipped to determine that and have the right to remove whitelists. 

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Posted (edited)

Right, sorry for the delayed reply, I was busy

I felt like I was being targeted due to, how I perceive it, the extremely minor nature of the complaint filed about me. I feel like Abo is not acting out of pure concern and is simply reporting me in hope that something eventually sticks. I feel like he was impartial and that I was simply reported due to a personal dislike of me as a player.
About Swan saying Ryan Barrett is too poor to afford a lawyer over commons, I disagree that it remains questionable on any level at all, or that it was better said in private.

You talked about appropriate behavior for an EPMC IPC. This is not an IRU, or an ISU, the content in lore written about Index Security is very vague, simply saying that it's high-quality and that IPCs have a permanent ownership contract. I don’t recall anywhere in lore there being a specific section specifically about how Eridani IPCs should behave, so I simply took liberty to develop the character in a way I felt was sensible.
I liked the idea of an Eridani IPC, so I created Swan, it's background being that it was used for corporate enforcement in private and public facilities, to keep low-level individuals in line, somewhat inspired by real-life concepts like the Pinkerton agency.
As an example in lore, dregs in Eridani live horrible lives, being denied basic human rights and are barely counted as people, being regularly brutalized by the EPMCs.

So, how is it questionable for an IPC that is literally purpose-made to ruthlessly oppress people to call somebody poor? I would fully agree with you saying it would be questionable if Swan insulted somebody like a doctor, scientist or head of staff, which is why I agreed with what you said about Swan's behavior in the relay.

But Ryan Barrett is a known name in security, having a previous criminal record and being on the Aurora as part of some sort of parole program, from what I can recall. Of course Swan is going to treat him more harshly and keep an eye on him more, this is fully IC and has nothing to do with their player.
Summarizing, I disagree with it being called questionable or better said in private, due to the nature and background of my character, as well as the context the line was said in and Swan's IC view and relationship with Barrett. This being the primary reason I named you in this staff complaint.

I don't have anything else to say unless the staff wants anything else.

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s p a c i n g
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Why would a company owned IPC ever deem it appropriate to openly insult someone over the public channel radio? Especially in a way that isn’t vague or thinly veiled enough to disguise their true intention? It is a bad look for the IPC as well as the company that owns them.

You are not a person, you are property, and although the EMPC contractor information may be small, the rest of the wiki on IPCs clearly details their nature and status in society. I have also told you almost 2 months ago that it wouldn't be tolerated by the company. You are not human and IPCs are systematically fragile. However people get heated in game sometimes and mistakes happen. You have gone a bit of time not publicly insulting people as an IPC, at least to my knowledge, and so I try to weigh these things. The behavior however remains questionable.

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I don't believe Nienna has done anything wrong in this case. Had they stripped your whitelist or given a severe warning, I think it would've been overzealous based on the lack of clear information they were going off of. But a polite and transparent nudge in your DMs isn't enough to warrant any action from me. It seems like they gathered your information and your side of the story in the course of your brief conversation, which would be pretty standard for investigating whitelist complaints. 

I don't have anything to add on the front of potential metagrudges. I dunno if people have one against you, but the lightness of Nienna's whitelist enforcement was an appropriate approach in line with regulations, and anything stricter based on the lack of information they had would've been grounds for corrective action.

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