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Supply Jobban Appeal attempt #2

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BYOND Ckey: nomad2007

Total Ban Length: Permanent 

Banning Staff Member's Ckey: aboshebab

Reason Of Ban: "Constantly going AFK for extended period of times as supply roles."

Reason For Appeal: Alright so I've waited for around a month now so I can appeal again, I just hope that I can play as a supply role again as I have had it grilled into me that going SSD as a certain roll without letting anyone know or going to cyro is bad and a shitty way to leave the server as it has the possibility to hamper other people's RP or encounters with antags and such. I have learned the proper way in which to let people know that I am cyroing and actually going to cyro and not just disconnect like I've done before. I wholeheartedly hope that this gets appealed as I have learned my lesson the hard way and hope to atone for my actions and play with my friends on this server as a cargo technician. 

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