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PhD - Interdisciplinary Studies

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Byond key: DeteledSawI

Discord key: cud#2099

Character Name: Darrak Torigg

Item name: 'PhD'

Item function(s): Pressing Z or clicking on it whilst in-hand will switch from open to closed. Makes the paper rustling sound and says 'You unroll the paper.'  and 'You roll up the paper.' when opened and closed, respectively.

Item description: 'A rolled up sheet of paper. Looks official.' (When closed.)

'A PhD for Skrellian Language & Literature / Architectural studies. Looks official.' (When open.)

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: As a Himean, he has a harsh accent and long, unruly hair. Often misconstrued with the lowly homeless beggar, it helps to have a PhD. If not to convince people you're smart, it's nice to have it displayed somewhere as a something to look at for support.

How did your character obtain this item: Years and years of hard school work while balancing a coal mining job. It wasn't easy, but what fun would it be if you could just go grab one off of a shelf somewhere?

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: It's not for sale. Himean life is harsh, and most of them end up as miners- For Torigg, this is proof that he's better than what people expect from him at first glance. Archeology still hits close to home, though.

Sprites: The two stamped scroll sprites in the wizard.dmi file.

Additional Comments: Since the PhD is about Skrellian language and literature, how would being able to read and write in fishe speak sound?

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Changed sprite link, wrong file.
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It's a cool idea, though I am not 100% sold on the reason he brings it to work. Doesn't matter, really. Maybe you can ask someone to make you a sprite, though, there are some community members who do sprites. 

I guess from the name that he is human. Humans are physically impossible to speak nral'malic, but readint should be possible. Good luck.

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Once more, I'm going to deny this and just ask that you spend a little more time on the server. Let your characters become established before you apply for custom items. 

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