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Kathira El-Hashem's leg support

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Byond key: TheGreyWolf

Discord key: TheGreyWolf#0535

Character Name: Kathira El-Hashem

Item name: Leg Support Augment

Item function(s): A leg augment aiding in shifting the weight on the leg to prevent pains. Mechanically the augment will potentially allow Kath to ignore falling if the bone in her right leg is broken but if she takes damage it will be damaged and begin to fail working and she would become susceptible to ions/EMP as well.

Item description: A leg augment to aid in the mobility of an otherwise disabled leg.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Because she needs it to walk around and the only way to remove it would be to surgically do so.

How did your character obtain this item: Kathira has been saving up for a few months and spoken with several doctors about potential ways to fix her leg, but to replace her leg completely with a mechanical prosthesis would be too invasive for her to be comfortable with as it would no longer be her leg, but to only repair the bone would be a questionable solution at best as it has already proven the way it heals after such surgeries is wrong and as such, she finally decided on getting an augment which was the middle ground between the two, letting her walk again while at the same time still leaving her with her own leg.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: For many years Kath has had trouble walking without her cane, but coming to human space she began to discover how much more advanced their medical technology is rather than that on Adhomai. For months now she has done her work with a bad leg so with this she would finally have come past that stage in her life, but with lasting reminders of it.

Sprites: Currently being made and will be posted once they’re done, it should be within a few days at most.
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Kathira has been a fantastic character to interact with and generally be around. This is definitely a solution to Kathi's problem that she'd choose from what I can from with time with with her. This is a definite +1 from me

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+1 from meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Due to one of my characters being their general care physician I am quite happy to see that Kathira might finally be able to walk without a cane and that my character's efforts to find them a solution for their injured leg will yield some results. 

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+1 Definitely supports the character's perception on the lore's modern medicine. Prosthetic/bionic limbs are far too invasive for them, and reconstruction solutions likely too expensive. This is the kind of middle ground we'd see today, and unfortunately isn't an option to portray in game. With the updates to the investigations role this will definitely be something welcome to see. 

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+1 from me, Kath is a cool char to RP with and this will bring some interesting new points for her (plus the stupid new change to job accessibility requirements have basically written her off from her job until she can get this)

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+1, i've had a couple of good direct interactions with Kathira as my own investigator robot

i quite like investigators that aren't gung-ho action heroes that replace an officer should they fall, so i support this idea too

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RPs around their leg issue quite well; it was enjoyable to interact with them as medical. I would love to see how this augment could further take the character arc of Kathira!

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