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Review Request - Amanda Miller

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Reporting Personnel: Si Suop'Jsui

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security


Personnel in Question: Amanda Miller

Job Title of Personnel in Question: Chef


Reason for Review:


[ ] - Extended Arrest History

[ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record

[X] - Other: Potentially Untagged Shell and Falsified Records

During the shift, I encountered Amanda Miller at the Kitchen and when I used my Psionic Abilities on the area, they did not register. I will explain the nature of the ping in layman's terms before continuing with the report.

I effectively send out a weak wave of Psionic Energy and it will "bounce" off of other life with a Zona Bovinae. This life would include: Humans, Unathi, Tajara, and other Skrell. IPCs, Vaurca, and Diona will not give me any feedback when I use the ping. As for why I used the ping at that specific time, I have begun the ritual of pinging every time I'm in a new environment or with a new person outside of Federation Space. Shells can be rather convincing, and I am not comfortable with not knowing if those nearby are Synthetics. 

Moving on with the report, after I discovered they did not respond to my Ping, I began to question them somewhat discreetly about their nature and they bluntly informed me they were a Shell. I accepted this and ate my food. Upon my return to the Brig, I checked their records due to remembering their age from a previous crew-wide records check. 

When I checked the records, I found that their age is 22. Realistic looking Human shells were not successfully produced until 2250. If you can do the math, this does not line up with reality. In addition to the age issue, there was no listed tag data within their Security or Employment Records. I moved to secure an IPC Tag Scanner from the Odin (due to a lack of Science Personnel) but an unrelated Security Problem required my attention for the rest of the shift, and I was unable to pursue this issue further.

I would like to note I questioned some of my staff about Amanda Miller and it seems they have been present on the station for an extended period of time and have done little to no wrong. I am not submitting this report out of malice, but concern over NT's records on Synth Workers due to the current situation with the Ceres Lance. I fully expect to continue seeing them on the station, albeit with more accurate records.

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