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Hello to everyone in the community. We are now opening applications for Human Lore Deputy and the format for the application is listed below. Please give honest and concise responses to the application base questions along with the additional questions unique to the application for this position. Please copy and paste the questions into your application and provide your respective answers beneath their respective questions.

Applications will be thoroughly scrutinised and applicants should be prepared to answer follow-up questions and interact with criticism to their positions in their application threads from the human lore team, greater lore team, and community members unaffiliated with Aurora staff. Civil conduct is encouraged from both applicants and those questioning the applicant, and applicants will be judged on their ability to interact with community members and criticism as well as to their answers given to the questions proper included in the spoiler below. 

Applications for the position of Human Lore Deputy must be submitted between the dates of 2021/05/17 and 2021/05/31, after which the Human Lore team and Greater Lore Team will make a final decision. This period is subject to extension at the behest of the Human Lore Maintainer or Lore Master. Tag all applications with the "Lore Writer" and "Human" tags. Applications made in the form of replies to this thread will not be accepted.

Good luck to all applicants.





Ckey/BYOND Username:
Position Being Applied For: 
Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: 
Past Experiences/Knowledge:
Examples of Past Work (Please provide in a Google Doc or other easily accessible external link for sake of space):


1). Why do you want this position? Why do you believe that you could be a better deputy than others?

2). What are three things you enjoy about human lore? Why do you enjoy these things most? These should be ranked from one to three in descending order of favouritism.

3). What is an area of currently extant lore that you'd like to improve or see improvements made upon? Why do you believe this area should see improvement?

4). Assuming you are given the position, which area or project would you like to work on first? Why?

5). How effectively do you work in a team environment? Remember that you will be both working in the human lore team and the greater lore team. Your responsibilities are not just writing lore, but being a small part in something larger.

6.) What is your disciplinary history on the Aurora, if any? (Bans, Warnings, Whitelist Strips) Why did you receive these?


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