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[ACCEPTED] William Murdoch's Unathi app

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BYOND Key: William Murdoch


Character Names:

Saanudr’ar Jurl-Kiimak

Mahrikrav Zaydan-Klimekarr

Jrizar Makragh (on break)

Dimarra Amadrathea

Sabah El-Tusi (former)

Alik Antonov (former)


Species you are applying to play: 



What color do you plan on making your first alien character: 

Brick red (#a24d3d)


Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: 



Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Unathi hooks me on quite a few key areas: Aesthetic, factions, and culture. The aesthetic of the Unathi is a style that I love. It may not be art-deco, but the style that reminds me of Dune (in lore and machinery, at least) is something that I will never get tired of and something that I want to involve myself in more. The factions of Unathi lore are also a major draw. A major point to Unathi that I have found tends to be the wild diversity across the species. The factions exemplify this to a strong degree, from the interstellar power that is the Hegemony to the cult of the Aut’akh, and even the remaining independents from places such as the Queendom of Szek’hakh.The diversity of these, no matter how large are small, add a satisfying amount of flavor and opportunities to the species that only humans rival. Last, but most certainly not least, is the culture. As with all the species, Unathi have a very distinct culture. Their clans which are the basis of their entire society already sets them up in a way that can’t be found anywhere else. It goes further to include concepts such as honor, the large gaps between the nobility and peasantry, and even the clash of faiths.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different from role-playing a Human:

Putting the physical differences aside, Unathi are a very distinct race in the Auroraverse. They are one of the few nations to have a full feudal system that is the basis for nearly every part of their interstellar nation (One of two feudal space empires I might add. NKA doesn’t count since they are not a space-faring nation) and how it bleeds into their culture and methods of going about the Spur. Another part is also how distinct the culture is. The majority of the population  follow a unique code of honor, even the pirates, and maintain it in nearly everything they do, females mostly exempt. Yet at the same time parts of the species break conformities to provide an interesting clash whether it be a Aut’akh cultist or a Dominian Unathi (looking at you Han’san). Mechanic-wise, they are their own beast, as expected, and provide a unique mix of abilities and biological factors such as their cold-bloodedness.


Character Name:

Ka’leaozhe Kaliahsurzi


Please provide a short backstory for this character:

Ka’leozhe Kaliahsurzi was born to the Kaliahsurzi clan in 2438, a clan within the minority of Th’akh believers relatively safe within the slums of Skalamar. His father had been called into the levies for the war leaving his mother alone to raise him, although an unwed male from the clan stepped up to assist in his raising. 

Post Contact War, Kaliahsurzi witnessed the many injured and scarred veterans who had survived the bloody war enter the slums which his clan had inhabited. Feeling a sense of duty, not just to his clan but the veteran warriors who had protected him, he applied to the Skalamar University of Medicine with the help of Nanotrasen assistance, pledging to join the corporation after his education with permission from the Clan Lord, who he had been friendly with. Studies in the university were marked with a betrayal to his normally talkative self to instead hide in the corner of the study hall and listen quietly. It was in a vain attempt to avoid the harassment and harsh looks given by the wealthier nobles attending the prestigious university. During his time, he had offended many of his fellow students, many of whom were nobles, and one of which formed into a form of rivalry. This rivalry peaked when Kaliahsurzie was challenged to a duel to the surrender. About a week later, the two met in a local dueling area and started with friends and family of both sides coming to watch. Kaliahsurzie lost the duel when he surrendered after having his leg injured beyond medical means of fixing. The resulting limp from this injury led to his discovery of the Skalamar undercity commune months later after an Aut’akh member met him in the streets. 

During his final year of his studies in the university, Kaliahsurzi frequently visited the commune and received a prosthetic to replace his previously injured leg. To keep his conversion a secret, Kaliahsurzie implanted the scales from his old limb onto the new prosthetic and replicated his limp to hide the fact he had been miraculously healed. The final months he had left on Moghes were spent finishing the last of his studies, learning and converting to the Aut’akh faith, and eventually requesting new augments. His conversion to the Aut’akh faith was bumpy, though. Despite his best attempts, everything from meeting with the commune shaman to hours of meditation, Kaliahsurzi found issues with leaving behind his past faith in Th’akh. Even now with his life moved to Tau Ceti, Kaliahsurzi spends great amounts of effort communing with his spirit and talking with any Paradigm to further cement this new faith in his life. Daily meditation is a centerpiece of his schedule and missing it often makes him irritable.

His arrival into Tau Ceti was marked by a huge shift in life. His adjustment to this new land was rocky with the first few months spent simply trying to adjust to his new home in the Razortail Enclave. Despite this, he still requested and replaced his arm with a prosthetic to further his faith and conversion. During all of this, Nanotrasen had him working in company hospitals around Mendell City, later NSS Phoenix, and finally his new position on the NSS Aurora. Although in a ‘free’ land, Kaliahsurzie still lives a life of hiding his faith and limbs for the same fear of being ostracized in the same way he could’ve been in Skalamar.


What do you like about this character?

The major point for me is his conflict. Aut’akh has been, by far, the most interesting part of Unathi lore to me. Playing a character who is attempting to convert while not revealing himself and also continuing his work as a doctor is something I love. It’s the type of mix that gets me hooked.


How would you rate your role-playing ability? 8/10


Notes: None that I can think of.

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Hey there! This might be the first whitelist application we've had using an aut'akh character since the faction revamp. Exciting. Overall I think you have a solid understanding of what separates Unathi from humanity and a nice character backstory going here, so I just have a few questions in mind to pick your brain a little further on Kaliahsurzi.

  1. You mentioned that he managed to offend some noble classmates while at school despite trying to keep his head down, so how did that happen? Does he have a hotheaded side when pressed far enough or was it just sticking up for himself against relentless harassment? Did this have any more consequences for him socially or academically besides the eventual dueling injury?
  2. Many Unathi might be swayed toward taking a prosthetic to heal an injury, but why did Kaliahsurzi go beyond that and actually convert to the Aut'akh faith instead of just taking the new limb and breaking off contact with the cult? Has anyone close to him managed to find out about any of it?
  3. What is Kaliahsurzi's attitude toward the Hegemony and those who practice the other Unathi faiths? The Aut'akh are pretty unanimously persecuted by the rest of society, so I'm curious to know how he feels about that.
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Posted (edited)

Hey! It's actually kinda cool knowing that I'm the first on that front. Aut'akh has been, by far, the more intriguing part of Unathi lore to me so It just felt right to make my first character apart of it. Here are my answers, let me know if you want me to expand more on them:

1. What started most of the harassment from his classmates was his general appearance and his personality. He looked like a run-of-the-mill peasant and had no way of hiding this effectively. When some of the more vocal and snobby students picked him out, he got vocal himself and would actively fight back unlike some of the others. If they insulted him, he'd shoot back with a just as nasty quip. There were times when he was pushed over the edge and resulted in him aggressively headbutting someone, namely his future rival. This did generate the reputation of someone who didn't know when to keep their mouth shut. Despite the general harassment he had to deal with, Kaliahsurzi focused hard on maintaining his grades and studies.

2. So what really pushed Kaliahsurzi over the edge is how the commune in general treated him. Most of his life was spent in the slums of Skalamar in a peasant clan. Over the years of dealing with the generally condescending attitude from the nobles and guilds, a sense of yearning for some community that he could not only feel accepted in but who'd actually help began to grow. It doesn't help that his prosthetic was gained from the result of a particularly heated rivalry with a noble. After he joined, only one person outside of the commune ever found out, his mother. Their relationship became very tense and distant as a result and luckily she refrained from going any further.


3. His general attitude regarding the Hegemony is quite resentful. One of the main reasons is the way they, in his mind unjustly, hate the Aut'akh and spin everything they can to make the group seem worse. His experiences, outside of the odd radical, has been positive and betrays what he'd been taught. This sentiment is mostly exclusive to the Hegemony, though, since he tends to be tolerant of the other faiths, especially Th'akh which he used to follow. The one exception is Sk'akh who he also holds to blame for the general persecution of Aut'akh.

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Clearing up the headbutting and adding more to the second answer.
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I've enjoyed interactions with Murdoch's characters before, and after reading about the character I can say I'm sure that you'll make a good addition to the lizard community. Getting a nice fat +1 from me.


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I really like your answers to Shen's questions. Of course, I have a smaller one myself:

How is Kaliahsurzi coping with the Razortail Enclave? They are rather rough, comparable to a gang, and even frowned upon by some other Aut'akh: what are his thoughts on them and how does he fit into their group?

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Good to hear! Let's not waste time:

Kaliahsurzi is finding it difficult to fully cope with the Razortail Enclave. The only reason he stays is because of his fear that leaving the Enclave will put him at risk of being widely discovered and having his reputation, among many other things, destroyed. It's the only place he feels comfortable being himself, yet at the same time he hates the actions and jobs the Enclave takes. However, to keep the general opinion of his neighbors up, he offers his medical expertise and occasionally supplies medicines he's smuggled off Odin, although that tends to be rare. He's avoiding making a strong connection to the Enclave as well. If he finds a home that he feels safe in elsewhere, he'd take it in a heartbeat and doesn't want to feel any regrets doing so.

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