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RyverStyx - Moderator Application

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Server Moderator Application

Basic Information
Byond Account: RyverStyx

Character Name(s): Loc Darrin / Rusty / Gilded-Royale / Johnny Law

AI Name(s): N/A

Discord username + tag: Mack#2829

Age: 23 

Timezone: EDT/EST

When are you on Aurora?: I am on sporadically from 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM EDT (Consistent activity towards night time).


How long have you played SS13?: I started playing SS13 around 2015-2016 I believe.

How long have you played on Aurora: Close to a month now.

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I've played Baystation build since the start of my BYOND account. I am fairly familiar with the different mechanics; although, medical is definitely my strongest department followed by engineering.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: Yes- I was an Admin for "Metis Station" (MRP server that lasted around a year in 2017).

Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes and yes.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: No.


Why do you play SS13?: I play SS13 to create fun and engaging stories for myself and others by utilizing the lore, character customization, setting, and gameplay. I don't play to "win" in a traditional sense; instead, I play to have a good time creating an immersive story!

Why do you play on Aurora?: To me, Aurora has the best lore of any server I have played on thus far. I truly find the vastly different backgrounds of characters within the HRP setting to be Aurora's strongest point of interest- at least for myself. The roleplay, canonicity of rounds, and lore make each round fun and exciting and it always makes me want to play more!

What do moderators do?: A moderator is meant to answer tickets, help guide the community, ensure that individuals are following rules, and mentor newer players who may be unsure on how SS13 and/or Aurora works! As a moderator you should also be active in-game (actually playing as well as ghosting) and in the community- whether that be on discord or the forums.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: Being a moderator for Aurora means improving the community and game through acts of service. Ensuring that everyone has a nice, pleasant experience and that no one leaves with a sour taste in their mouth. Being a moderator also entails making sure everyone is following the rules and being respectful; this encourages roleplay and creative stories through gameplay!


Why do you want to be a moderator?: I want to be a moderator to give back to the community in a way. The community has always been warm and welcoming to me and I want to be a part of that in a greater capacity; helping those in ways that I am not able to do now!

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I feel I would be a good moderator because I am already familiar with the staff tools available on SS13 (although it has been awhile since I used them). I am also able to work well within a community by prioritizing communication and teamwork. I am also open to hearing any criticisms and/or feedback that may arise based on my behavior and conduct and then adjusting accordingly! I try to make sure that my outlook on any situation is unbiased; whether I am a part of it or not.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I've worked many customer-facing positions in real life so I am fairly used to dealing with people who may be stressed, angry, or insulting. When this happens I attempt to deescalate the situation by keeping my composure and talking to them in a calm and collected manner. All this being said, if I feel I am in too over my head with an individual I would not be afraid to ask my fellow staff members for help.


Anything Else You Want to Add:
I am an owner of a Minecraft server as well (~20-30 concurrent players)- while this is not especially relevant to SS13 it shows that I do have more experience in running and moderating a community.

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Removed a sentence due to too much IRL info
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I don't have any outstanding problems with RyverStyx, but at the same time I don't really know them either. I think that less than a month of time on the server is just far too little to be applying for moderator with. I'd say wait a few more months and then try again.

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Hey there!

As former staff member, I just wanted to say nice job for wanting to contribute to keeping Aurora an enjoyable experience! I've had the pleasure of encountering Rusty occasionally, and so far he's proven to be quite a character among the flock, in a GOOD way of course! You've demonstrated through your RP that you want to add to the server's atmosphere, and that's always a wonderful thing to see. Your credentials seem perfectly fine to me. Having some experience customer relations comes with some handy skills to apply in your moderation work (trust me, I'd know as someone who's worked phone service ;P). 

However, I have to share a similar sentiment as to the previous reply. It seems a bit too soon to be aiming for such a big position when you', and the server, have only been exposed to each other for a month at least. Most people who decide to participate or join staff-related roles tend to do so after several months once they've established themselves as a regular. Perhaps it would be a good idea to wait after like a month or two, ensure you firmly establish yourself as a regular member. It will also ensure staff that you are genuinely here to stay. Sometimes, players appear for a month and generate alot of activity to almost feel people into thinking they'll be lasting players, only for said players to find yet another server that sparks their attention and intrigue, therefor dissapearing. 

Overall, the decision falls in the staff's hands. If they don't mind that you've only been here for a month, then that's great. You seem like a chill guy with the "HRP" mindset from what I've gathered so far. So I wish you good luck on your endeavors to becoming a mod! 


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I really liked talking to Rusty in game and interacting with you and in my opinion, we need more players that roleplay like you do.

While I haven't seen you around a lot, I still believe you can become staff even with your short playtime, so I will be leaving you my +1.

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Thank you, everyone, for your feedback! I will definitely take it to heart. I know that I haven’t been here the longest and I am willing to wait until I’ve played a lot more before applying again if that would be preferred. Although I suppose it is up to the current staff team’s feelings! 

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I think you're a good fit for the role. I didn't interact with you very much because right now I'm pretty tied up with life and not that much around but maybe getting a bit better known or just being around for a bit longer would help you. Or not, who knows, but I wish you good luck 

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