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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Rework

Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Improvements for IPC characters from Burzsia.

How will this be reflected on-station?
These revisions alter a core element of Burzsia's lore for IPC's, and grant additional supplementing information in regards to character concepts and background information for them. Essentially, it will give players more to work with.

Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists?:
My intent with these revisions are to flesh out the Burzsiean method without violating the rules of the setting, and increase the character variability for Burzsiean IPC concepts. Some material has also been added regarding Burzsia's supply chain.

Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore?:
This significantly alters how the Burzsiean method itself works, which is one of the large central elements of the star system's design. Such a thing cannot remain player canon.

Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee?

Additional notes:
Each section I have modified from the wiki is in the linked document below; the text highlighted in yellow denotes the new material I have written for the page.

Long Description:


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I believe this solves a lot of the character creation issues inherent to Burzsia and so we're more than happy to implement it.

Accepted, tweaked and implemented. Thank you for your contribution.

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