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kyres1 spriter application 3?

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Ckey/BYOND Username: kyres1

Discord Name: noodle_buster#1934

Position Being Applied For: Spriter

Past Experiences/Knowledge:  Two previous times as a spriter on Aurora.

Examples of Past Work:A good amount of sprites seen ingame are mine of varying quality, mostly stuff cobbled together throughout the years. Walls, floors, all shuttles, all voidsuits, all RIGs (except the rescue and breachers pending resprite,) IPC RIGs, Vaurca RIGs (RIP), Event stuff for every species, almost every single common firearm in-game, security armor, magistake armor, wiki splash art, all mechs, some loadout stuff for (almost) every species. Unused space backgrounds, SCC gear, 2017-and-beyond space carp, augments, etc. I tried making a big layout image of a bazillion sprites but it's a lot of work and I don't really want to unless asked - as well, my sprite quality varies massively due to a lot of my sprites accumulating over years and going through so many stylistic changes.

Additional Comments: I resigned from deputy loremaster due to the stress involved with the position and life issues not mixing well with that. Along the way, I decided to drop my spriter position too. I have no idea why, considering the spriter position offered me plenty and took nothing from me to keep it. 

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